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A “Prevailing Wage” is Not the Answer

The recent ruling in finding NYC’s prevailing wage unconstitutional was the correct decision. Bloomberg understands the fundamental economic premise regarding paying a wage what the market dictates the worker is worth. Those that support the prevailing wage policies do not. It is both unfortunate and dangerous, because implementing a prevailing wage has two effects: 1) … Continue reading

Sebelius on Obamacare: The is the Law of the Land (except when it’s not)

Eye-opening words of HHS Secretary, Sebelius Monday: “This is no longer a political debate; this is what we call the law,” Sebelius told a group that includes Democrats and Republicans, elected officials, political appointees and bureaucrats. “It was passed and signed three years ago. It was upheld by the Supreme Court a year ago. The … Continue reading

The Chicago Tribune Discovers that the Emperor Has No Clothes; Advocates Scrapping Obamacare

The Chicago Tribune has published a Sunday editorial calling on Obamacare to be re-written. Yes, that Chicago Tribune. The Tribune goes through the myriad of delays that the Administration has announced in the last few months, contrary to the actual written law, and then they go further. They question the ability of Obama to actual … Continue reading

Detroit is Not Too Big To Fail

Detroit is not too big to fail. The City of Detroit must take its lumps, as difficult as they may be to swallow, but the City of Detroit is to blame. They made an error of great proportions. They thought their decades of cronyism and sweeping promises were good and economically viable. The people didn’t … Continue reading

Obama Tells Americans: “This Needs To Stop”

On Wednesday, Obama tried to change the national conversation about the long string of questions dogging the White House. He decided he is back to being serious about jobs. Very serious. Serious enough to talk about jobs for an hour at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. This speech was touted as the kick-off to a … Continue reading

The Liberty of Risk-Taking in the Business World

Ben Casselman penned a thoughtful piece last week in the WSJ which documented the decline of risk-taking in business ventures. Hard data shows that both the number of new companies and the use of venture capital is waning. And this downward trend is a major contributor to the fact that the recovery from the recent … Continue reading

Racist Bigot

I’m a bigot, you’re a bigot, he’s a bigot, can you bigot baby. (To the tune of “Can You Dig It”) Lately it seems the site (TACD) has been consumed with posts about how bigoted/racist one side or the other is. Even I have entered the fray. We have had comments by some that all … Continue reading

Debunking the Myth that Social Security is Solvent

Faithful devotees of the Left continue to peddle the notion that Social Security is not in crisis, that it doesn’t contribute to the deficit, and there is no need for reform. However, reading through this year’s just-released Social Security Trustees report, (the annual “State of the SSA”), we find that the Trustees themselves tell a … Continue reading

The “Not Me” Administration

One of the key components of the Tea Party ideology is the championing for smaller government. As the IRS scandal targeting the Tea Party, Conservatives, and pro-Israel Jews continues to fester, a cursory glance at the various figures involved in the wrongdoing have resorted to finger pointing and the blame game. According to the key … Continue reading

Republican/Conservatives are Racists

Yes we have all heard the mantra from the left, “those Republicans, those conservatives…are all racists.” I have news for all of you; some Republicans, some conservatives, some Democrats, some Independents, and some Liberals are racist. This article will not focus on individual races regarding racism even though no race is immune from being racist. … Continue reading

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