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The 2013 National BDPA Technology Conference was August 13th through the 18th in our nation’s capital Washington D.C.   If you were not there, you should have been.  Let me take but a minute to explain to you, share with you the great moments you missed, share with you the moments of personal clarity, and why … Continue reading

Can I Really Use LinkedIn To Get A Job?

In an age when connectivity has evolved into something so powerful as to topple nations such questions seem almost asinine.  Still, it helps to ask the question if only to clarify the answer. The power provided to us by WEB 2.0 tools is unprecedented.  It has created unheard of connectivity, brand new social paradigms, communicative constructs … Continue reading

Are You Fit For The Job?

The job market is improving.  There is absolutely no doubt about it.  However, given the fluctuations of available jobs and the regions of the country in which jobs are even available, not to mention the required skills set, one must ask …are you a fit for the job? Over the years, and most especially in … Continue reading

Are You A Resume Chicken?

Have you given up before you even started? Are you fresh out of college or are you at the end of your rope at your current job?  And if you are truly on the edge of the end, are you doing what’s necessary to insure your next step is a good step, a true step … Continue reading

Unemployment is 7.7% … So Now What?

Thursday’s unemployment number was a bombshell. It was a bombshell not in the sense that it was an outrageously surprising shock. It was not a bombshell in that it was a cause to jump out of your seat and sing Happy Days Are Here Again. No, it was a bombshell in a sense that it … Continue reading

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