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Our Glorious Police State

       Turn on Fox News and you’ll hear constant reports about the socialization of America and how it is destroying our freedoms in America. Whether it involves universal healthcare, welfare, or Obama taking a walk, it somehow leads to socialism in the US. I won’t argue that this ISN’T happening right now, because … Continue reading

Drone Bombing: Terror of the Skies!

Drones are the newest addition to the warfare, an art humans have been mastering for the past ten thousand years, and definitely the most innovative to the craft. For the first time in human history, we can have armed aircraft with the pilot being hundreds of miles away, controlling the drones from a safety. Gone … Continue reading

A (long) Response to the American White History Month

Hello again, AWHM. I see that I struck a nerve with you people. I will admit, I did get a little carried away in my last post outing you, so I felt that this Week’s Article should be focused on you and address any problems you had in last week’s article along with some minor … Continue reading

In Defense of President Barack Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama is the target of much hatred to conservatives everywhere. This is far from a surprise, as it’s only natural that the opposing party would be against the president. I’m no fan our president either. He and his fellow democrats have done terrible things for our country and are sending us in … Continue reading

Iron Skies: Space Nazis from the Moon!

Iron Skies is an over-the-top action/satire film that had become quite popular on the internet, especially on YouTube. If you haven’t seen the trailer, here is the trailer to give you a general idea behind the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeIu1FiTTyI. Now for me, I got an odd feeling from anticipating watching this film and I can’t quite … Continue reading

Django Unchained: Controversy or Art?

Today I was privileged to see the blockbuster movie “Django Unchained” which has become increasingly controversial thanks to lead Jamie Fox’s comments on the Film and its release after the events of Sandy Hook. I’ll be doing a short synopsis (spoiler free as possible) on the film and how it relates to today. I’ll begin … Continue reading

Assault Rifle Ban: Bullcrap!

JESSE MIESEN – Before I get started, allow me to give a brief introduction of myself. I am twenty year old freelance writer, working on a novel and some other projects. I am a nontraditional Buddhist as well, because I believe true salvation lies within self-actualization, and not in forced submission to an invisible deity. … Continue reading

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