Stever Trager

Steve Trager currently resides in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, where he currently lives and breaths a rock and roll lifestyle as a veteran Rock Photographer. Steve’s work has been published both locally and nationally, and has earned himself momentous credentials with continuous hard work and driving dedication which keeps Steve on top of his game year after year in the field. Steve says it’s not always how many times you click the shutter to obtain that right photo, it’s the right moment in capturing the artist in a live mood setting which often makes for a stellar rich iconic type of photograph separating one from another. Steve recalls many of his memorable concert moments in years past at some of the biggest festivals such as the legendary music rotation of Ozzfest and the annual summer concert caravan of Vans Warped Tour, many of those events started early and went into the late evening hours says Steve, I’ve sweated to the core, and I certainly have paid my rock soldier dues with bad cases of sunburn yet, at the end of the all the brutal conditions, I have obtained one thought in the back of my mind and that is the accomplishment capturing a priceless photograph sealed in time from every minute passing while some of my favorite bands performed right in front of my eyes. Steve Trager grew up listening to a core of rock artists which he often considers his rock and roll roots he explains, you never forget those early days which put you into over drive mentally and over the top with great stellar artists, and many of those artists are still around today, he calls them “Classic Rock Icons”. As a Photographer, Steve has often thought outside the box especially with not just photographing Rock genres, he’s had rare opportunities to photographed Country Icons Reba McIntire, Tim McGraw, and Alabama amongst his ever growing archives on a yearly basis through Philadelphia’s Country Music Station 92.5 WXTU. Throughout Steve Trager’s history as a music photographer, he has also enjoyed the richness of published works in magazines that circulated throughout the world, and those magazines still have a fresh momentum of full page photographs of Rock Icons Korn, and Pop sensations of the Nineties’ ‘NSYNC, who made me famous throughout countless pages of teen magazines thanks to a long time fellow friendship of Frank White Photo Agency of New Jersey. Steve Trager recalls never forgetting about his first set of published photos in a magazine called Pennsylvania Musician Magazine, Steve said those clips are sacred to my early days of published works in the world of Concert Photography. Many of those published clips can often be a staple in the back of Steve’s mind just knowing how far he has taken his craft for the love of live music and photography combined throughout a life time of visual achievements. One thing Steve always says, I never look back at my early days as a local guy just making my way around with a camera in my hand at a typical local event, I always look forward just knowing my work has blossomed from just a few published clips to a large archived gallery of hard work spanning much of my life submersed in music and all it’s natural rewards. Photography is much like a talent says Steve, anyone can pick up a camera, snap a few thousand photos, and see what you get but, in reality it’s how you grasp that visual opportunity as an individual when it comes right down to achieving a glorified photograph with one shutter release. The Internet has opened millions of opportunities for Steve Trager to showcase his work, share his life stories throughout his many photographs, and earn some valuable experience networking while earning endless track record.
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