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Racist Bigot

I’m a bigot, you’re a bigot, he’s a bigot, can you bigot baby. (To the tune of “Can You Dig It”) Lately it seems the site (TACD) has been consumed with posts about how bigoted/racist one side or the other is. Even I have entered the fray. We have had comments by some that all … Continue reading

Republican/Conservatives are Racists

Yes we have all heard the mantra from the left, “those Republicans, those conservatives…are all racists.” I have news for all of you; some Republicans, some conservatives, some Democrats, some Independents, and some Liberals are racist. This article will not focus on individual races regarding racism even though no race is immune from being racist. … Continue reading

Who’s To Blame

WHO’S TO BLAME BY JIM FARNSWORTH Who’s to blame for the acts of evil in our society? In a recent discussion a person I was debating was saying the individual was a product of society and as such was not solely responsible for his actions. The initial post made the argument that talk radio among … Continue reading


To begin with I would like to posit some facts as the basis for my discussion. I do not intend to debate these points as they are scientifically or legally established facts. 1. People have many inherent rights iterated by codified law. The most basic of which is the right to life. 2. Absent proper … Continue reading

​Patriot Tomb

Who lies in the patriot tomb? Prior to our nations revolutionary war there were people on both sides of the debate who were still patriotic Americans. The issue then was whether to remain a colony under British flag or our own banner. The debate was heated and long lasting. In the end many from both … Continue reading

​I See Conservatives Everywhere and Sometimes They Don’t Even Know They are Conservatives

To paraphrase one of my favorite lines in the movie “The Sixth Sense”, “I see conservatives everywhere and some of them don’t even know they are”. They vote democrat because they believe that is the nice/fair thing to do. Even in a state like California (one of the liberal meccas of our nation) they have … Continue reading

Church Charity versus Government Hand Outs​

Any Christian would want to encourage people to lift themselves out of poverty. The LDS church for example helps millions lift themselves out of poverty through work training programs and relief assistance programs that offer the dignity of helping others when you yourself receive assistance. The church has a perpetual education fund which provides the … Continue reading

A Rebuttal to The Lesson of Newtown​​

My colleague on the paper has written a very well written and thought out article on the lesson of the Newton shooting incident. I would like to make a few points not in outright rebuttal but to point out a different perspective. To start I will include my initial response to his article: “A few … Continue reading

I Am a Republican

I do indeed believe in American exceptionalism. Part of that exceptionalism is accepting people of all creeds, religions and races. Part of that exceptionalism is inclusion of all law abiding citizens as fellow patriots. Part of that exceptionalism is acceptance that others may have different opinions than me and still be patriots. I do not … Continue reading

​Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

Often we hear the expression about drinking the Kool-Aid Conservative consistently say it when we hear about people signing on to programs that we believe will ultimately hurt our nation and citizens. Often the very people seeming to benefit from these programs are hurt the most over time (sometimes for generations). When we suggest any … Continue reading

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