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Thrift Shopping

By now Macklemore, a white rap artist has taken the charts and hearts of many high school students. One of his most popular songs is called “Thrift Shop.” As over played and outdated as it is… It was one of my biggest inspirations for a little thrift shopping of my own this weekend. Many of … Continue reading

Daycare students trapped in adult bodies

Ever been to a poorly run day care? If you haven’t then let me give you a glimpse into what it’s like; kids are running around everywhere throwing toys and snacks at each other while they scream and yell at the top of their lungs. They constantly run into each other and with enough of … Continue reading

Wenatchee mayor believes that benefits aren’t being distributed evenly

The thought process of some people makes me question humanity more and more with each victim to word vomit. Word vomit ladies and gentlemen is the act of saying things without thinking of them. The mayor of the city I’m from had a bad case of word vomit a couple weeks ago, and sadly it … Continue reading

A Key to Becoming Stress Free

As the middle of the school year rolls around, so much more stress seems to be loaded on the shoulders of any high school/college student out there. I have no idea what it is but all of a sudden it’s as if the whole world has decided to crap out a bunch of un-needed stress… … Continue reading

A Lost Childhood

KAYLEE RADCLIFFE – A couple weeks ago I went to pick up my boyfriend’s little sister from school, she’s still in that cute little second grade age and is extremely obsessed with me. Two very interesting things happened that day. When I was almost to the portable her class was in a saw a kid … Continue reading

School Safety

KAYLEE RADCLIFFE – We all have heard or been affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy in Connecticut that occurred on December 14th 2012. If you are one of the extremely unsocial, technologically-handicapped, non-news watching people that have no idea what I’m referring to, than you can take a look back at my article posted on … Continue reading

Growing Up​​​

Being a teenager is hard. It’s as simple as that. I would have to say being a teenager might be one of the harder things we go through in life. Many people may think I’m crazy because they just partied all of their high school years but if you were the type that stuck the … Continue reading

Fair-well to a Jolly Season or Winter Cleaning​​​

As January second rolled around last week I had to return to the six o’clock mornings. My alarm screamed at me and I felt like Eminem’s lyrics were right in my ears telling me to wake up. My back nearly snapped backwards and I’m sure I looked like one of the creepy girls from the … Continue reading

Happy Teen New Year!​​

Today crowds of people will stand together with the people they love and wish a needed goodbye to 2012. Everyone will welcome 2013 with open arms and pray that this year is different but for teenagers the same thing happens every year. I swear every New Year’s Eve I see hundreds of post on different … Continue reading

Legalizing Marijuana Usage in Washington State​​

Society is a crazy mind twisting confusing complex thing. With society we have many different groups. We have the people that are against drug usage and they protest against the idea of people smoking pot, then we have the group of people that protest against the people protesting against pot. If that isn’t confusing enough … Continue reading

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