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How to Avoid Future Shutdowns and Hold Congress Accountable

Well the government is beginning a partial shutdown today because the spoiled brats in Congress can’t do their jobs.  With these children not able to do their jobs, a lot of people have been discussing ways to get our completely useless do-nothing Congress to stop acting like argumentative toddlers.  In keeping with the flow…here are … Continue reading

We Found Love…Lindsey Stirling Proves the Critics Wrong

In 2010, I was still watching America’s Got Talent.  I saw a young woman on the show that made it to the quarter finals.  She was interesting.  She played violin while dancing.  The judges told her that she should be part of a group because what she was doing wasn’t “enough to fill a theater … Continue reading


BRAD MERRIMAN – JOURNALIST/TACDNEWS –  Shellie Zimmerman, wife of George Zimmerman, the man acquitted in the killing of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, was found guilty of perjury she committed during the case of her husband.  She had told the judge in the case that her and her husband were indigent and poor, even though they … Continue reading


BRAD MERRIMAN – JOURNALIST/TACDNEWS – After several days of searching, Spokane police Chief Frank Straub announced this morning that 16-year-old Kenan Adams-Kinard, was arrested in connection with the beating death of WWII Vet Delbert Belton. Spokane police arrested several others for rendering criminal assistance. Belton was attacked by two teens outside a Spokane pool hall … Continue reading

It’s Time to Take Rediscticting Out of Politicians’ Hands

There are a lot of problems in our political system.  The two-party system we have created has driven us to a point of intense conflict.  This conflict has led to a standstill in our government evidenced by the worst two congressional sessions in our history (assuming this session remains unchanged).  The reason that the same … Continue reading

Paula Deen Has Been Wrongfully Found Guilty

The courts in our nation aren’t what they used to be. We were founded on the idea that a person in this country is innocent until proven guilty. While this may still hold true in a court of law, there is another court in our country that can be just as penalizing and doesn’t keep … Continue reading

Supreme Court Rulings on DOMA and Prop 8 Put Us on the Right Path

On a great day for those of us who support equal rights pertaining to the LGBT community, the Supreme Court made the correct decisions on Prop 8 and DOMA.  They determined that the petitioners who continued to defend Prop 8 after the state refused to appeal the lower courts’ decisions didn’t have the standing to … Continue reading

Hollywood’s Unconventional Darling

I have to admit that I’m a fantasy reader.  Not just the typical fantasy that one might expect of some grown men, but of fantasy novels targeted at adolescents.  I love books like Harry Potter; however I draw the line at Twilight.  A series I stumbled upon a while ago was the Hunger Games.  I … Continue reading

Facebook Finally Removes Controversial Graphic Murder Videos

This story is a follow-up to the original article Facebook’s Refusal to Shut Down Video of Woman’s Murder Disgusts Public In case you haven’t heard, Facebook made a sudden reversal of its position and has decided to remove the video and others like it.  The BBC reported that they issued a statement on their original … Continue reading

Review: Oh Myyy!: There Goes the Internet

Cross-posted from The Evolution of Reason I just finished Oh Myyy!: There Goes the Internet. An interesting book from George Takei about the internet and social media. This fairly quick read is a great look at the social web through a unique perspective that the vast majority of us will never have the opportunity to … Continue reading

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