I"m the outcome of Chuck Palahniuk and Micheal Cera having a love child and spoon-feeding it a healthy diet of sarcasm, alternative music, and coffee with too much creamer.
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Boston, Bombs, and Bewilderment

If you haven’t heard about the recent bomb incident in Boston, Massachusetts, you are literally one in a million. The news of explosives going off at the end of a marathon in Massachusetts has alarmed people across the world, and understandably so. The problem with this situation is figuring out what exactly we should be … Continue reading

Sigh, Teenagers

Turn on the newest album by Wavves (Afraid of Heights). Listen to the lyrics and enjoy the rather cliché words describing the life of essentially every teenager on the face of the planet. Throughout most of the album, Nathan Williams whines that “nobody will ever understand” how he feels. That is the point of being … Continue reading

Emotional Hesitance

When was the last time you were completely and utterly honest when someone asked you how you felt? Lately I’ve noticed that many people are hesitant to express their true feelings. Whether they hold back their emotions to save someone else from getting hurt or from starting fights I am unsure, though I assume it … Continue reading

Let’s Keep Doing The Time Warp

Everyone has always told me that I’m lucky to be growing up in The Age of Technology. Social media and cell phones have advanced and taken over a majority of the population, in the same way that practically all humans have this insatiable urge to buy themselves a bigger television. Commercials and bill boards are … Continue reading

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"It's our differences, and our freedom to voice them, that make us Americans."

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"It's our differences, and our freedom to voice them, that make us Americans."