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We Found Love…Lindsey Stirling Proves the Critics Wrong


In 2010, I was still watching America’s Got Talent.  I saw a young woman on the show that made it to the quarter finals.  She was interesting.  She played violin while dancing.  The judges told her that she should be

part of a group because what she was doing wasn’t “enough to fill a theater in Vegas.”  While they initially dubbed her performance as “electrifying,” they eventually ended up telling her that she was talented, but “not good enough to get away with flying through the air and trying to play the violin at the same time.”  At that point, I can’t say I didn’t agree with the judges.  She was interesting, but I didn’t think much about her after she left the show.

I was wrong.  We were all wrong.

Those are not words I like to write often.  Recently, quite by accident, I rediscovered Ms. Lindsey Stirling.  I came across a group performing a song I (along with many others) enjoy called Radioactive.  The original song is by a band called Imagine Dragons.  Lindsey did a cover of the song with a group called Pentatonix (who won the talent show The Sing-Off on NBC).  When I found this cover, I became immediately intrigued by Pentatonix.  After a short time, my focus changed to the incredible violinist that they had in the video.  I looked

 her up and realized that I was watching the same person that I, along with many, had dismissed from America’s Got Talent.  

I immediately began researching Lindsey.  Her YouTube channel is full of incredible videos.  She does covers of everything from video game and movie music to popular hip-hop.  This is all mixed in with beautiful original songs that have been put to incredible videos (done by noted video artist Devin Super Tramp).  The geek in me particularly enjoys the Zelda Medley and the Lord of the Rings Medley.

If you enjoy these, I recommend moving on to the originals.  While there are many great originals, I particularly recommend Crystallize and Elements.  If you don’t find some songs on her channel that you truly enjoy…then you have no taste in music.  It’s okay…acceptance is the first step to recovery.  Start by repeatedly watching Lindsey’s channel…purchasing her music…and eventually you’ll find yourself at one of her concerts.

I can only end this with a song that I found on her page that I believe is better than the original.  Sorry Rhianna fans…Lindsey did something incredible with the song We Found Love.  Her and Devin Super Tramp added as much to this song as the lyrics and music could have.  Well done Ms. Stirling.  You are an incredible talent and you deserve all of the great things that have and will come your way.  The rest of you…enjoy.

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