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BRAD MERRIMAN – PRESIDENT – TACD MEDIA LLC – Only a few days after her alleged kidnapping, James DiMaggio’s captive, Hannah Anderson, went public on ‘ask FM’ and answered not only a few questions but a laundry list.  Some questions more probing and private than others, as Andersen answered all of them.  She was asked ‘where you in the house when your mother and brother were killed?’ she answered a simple ‘no’.

Here is a partial list of the questions: #hannahandersen

‘Why didn’t you tell your parents he creeped you out?’  answer ‘my dad and him were best friends and I didn’t want to ruin their friendship.’

‘Did he tell you where you were going?’  answer, ‘No, he just told me i had to get him to the river.’

‘Did you help him put tree branches on his car?’ answer, ‘Yes, he threatened me if I didn’t help.’

‘Did he tell you he had a crush on you or was that just a roomer(sic)?’ answer, “Yes he told me he had more of a family crush, like he had feelings as in he didn’t want to see anything bad happen to me.’

‘We’re we’re(sic) you at the time when he was in the process of burning the house, like hows he keep it a secret?’  answer, ‘He had set to were(sic) it would catch fire at a certain time.'(I must wonder how she knew these details.)

‘Why didn’t you run?’ answer, ‘He would have killed me.’

She also posted a picture of her new manicure just a  few days after learning of her mother and brother’s tragic death, she said she had a certain color put on her nails to commemorate her mother and brother.  Hannah also posted a few pictures of her bright and smiling without a care in the world.

Another thought, Christina Andersen was not a small woman, and she had an active 8 year old boy in toe, how did DiMaggio tie up the two in the garage by himself, and all the while keep Hannah from escaping?

It is rare to see someone who has went through such a tragedy, go public so soon with all her feelings.  Elizabeth Smart went months without making any public appearances  The recent Cleveland 3 women who were kidnapped waited a few weeks before one of them went public.

The one final nagging question, why is it that the day of the murders, there was 13 phone calls made between Hannah and her alleged capture, then both of their phones were shut off all at once, just after they both disappeared?  This investigation is on going and we expect other facts to come out soon, such as the contents of letters found written to DiMaggio from Hannah, located in his burned out house.


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