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Brad Merriman – President – TACD Media LLC – New york, Montreal, Belize, Anchorage, Texas, Santa Rosa are just a few of the past known locations of now deceased serial killer Israel Keyes.  Before Keyes sliced his wrist and hung himself with a bed sheet in December of 2012, he was proud to make it known that he was a merciless killer, and till the end he never showed even an ounce of remorse.  Alaska officials describe Keyes as some sort of a ‘murder addict’.   Keyes confessed to the 2011 murders of Bill and Lorraine Currier of Vermont, and as many as five unnamed victims, four in Washington State and one in New York. Keyes was arrested shortly after his last known murder of Samantha Koenig, a barista in Anchorage Alaska.  Investigators believe there could be more victims as well.

Today the FBI released an official timeline of Keyes travels and murder spree that spanned 16 years and tens of thousands of miles.

In the summer of 2007 or 2008(he was unsure), Keyes abducted a young female who had been rafting down the Deschutes River, he sexually assaulted her and then let her go.  It is believed that this crime was never reported.

2001:  Sometime in the summer to fall of 2001 Keyes committed his first murder in Neah Bay, Washington, unknown identification or location of the victim.

2001-2005: Keyes at some point in this time period murdered a couple in another state, and then transported them to Washington.  It is unknown what relationship the two had to each other.  Keyes may have placed the victim’s vehicle in a different area from the scene where he buried the victims.  He stated these two victims are buried near a valley somewhere in Washington.

2005-06: Sometime between summer and fall, Keyes admitted to murdering two people, independent of each other.  He used his boat to dispose of the bodies; one is located in Crescent Lake in Washington according to Keyes.  He used his anchor to submerge one of the bodies in 100 feet of water.   Once again he admitted to relocating the victim’s vehicle to a place separate from the murder scene.

March 2007: Keys relocated from Washington to Anchorage, Alaska.  Keyes made his way down the Alaska-Canadian Highway making known stops in Cache Creek, British Columbia; Watson Lake, Yukon Territory; Destruction Bay, Yukon Territory.  He was known for picking up prostitutes and attacking victims in remote campgrounds and hiking trails.  He may have engaged in this type of activity during this time period.

Oct 31 – Nov 5, Keyes flew to Seattle, North Dakota, Arizona, and Boston. Police believe he may have engaged in criminal activity at that time.  They are seeking info on his travels during this time frame, in Seattle it was known that he rented a PT Cruiser(2008).

April 2009: Keyes admitted to kidnapping a female on the east coast somewhere, transporting her to multiple states before burying her body in upstate New York.

April 10, 2009: Keyes robbed the Community Bank in Tupper Lake New York. He claimed to have waited in a local campground for hours until the police presence diminished.

July 9, 2010-July 12, 2010:  Keyes hopped a plane for California, landing in Sacramento, traveling to Auburn, and the Safari Refuge in Santa Rosa near the Napa Valley.  All totaled Keyes travelled 280 miles in this short 3 days trip.  It is believed he may have committed crimes while in California.

April-May 2011:  Keyes had planned on shooting a couple sitting in a car at a campground outside Anchorage, but a police officer pulled into the parking lot foiling his plans.  Keyes turned his attention to the officer and planned on shooting him until a second officer showed up on scene.  Keyes abandoned the entire plot.

May 2011: Keyes stalked the North Fork Trailhead in Eagle River, Alaska for a victim.  He had a ‘death kit’ stashed nearby with draino, and a shovel in preparation of burying the body.  He claimed to not have found a victim during this outing.

June 2, 2011: Keyes flew from Anchorage to Chicago.  He rented a car, drove to Vermont where he murdered Bill and Lorraine Currier.  Keyes threw the weapon used in these murders into the Blake’s River Falls Reservoir, which the FBI later recovered.

February 1, 2012: Keyes admitted to kidnapping and murdering Anchorage barista Samantha Koenig and disposing of her body in Matanuska Lake near Palmer, Alaska.  The next day Keyes left Alaska and flew to New Orleans, boarding a cruise ship for an unknown destination.  After the cruise Keyes drove to Texas and burned a house down in the early morning hours of February 16th, 2012.  He then robbed a bank in Azle, Texas.  It is believed Keyes may have committed a murder during this trip, which is a charge Keyes denied.

Additionally Keyes is known to have travelled to Wyoming around September 2007, July 2008, and September 2011. He stated he hid a cache of weapons and money somewhere near Green River, Wyoming.  This cache was never recovered.

Keyes also admitted to abducting and murdering a pale thin woman.  He stated she drove an older vehicle at the time, and may have had a wealthy grandmother.

Keyes also confessed to abducting and murdering an additional female, but if the body was discovered it would look like an accident.  In this case the body was in fact discovered and ruled an accident.

Here is a list of additional dates and locations released by the FBI that shows the time and whereabouts of Keyes.

10/3/2001 to 10/31/2005 Belize

04/20/2005 to 04/25/2005 British Columbia

03/01/2007 to 03/09/2007 Canada

04/24/2007 to 05/04/2007 Mexico

12/11/2008 to 12/25/2008 Mexico

If anyone remembers anything about these dates and occurrences or knows of anyone who went missing on or near one of these dates, close to a location where Keyes was located, please call the FBI immediately at 1-800-CALL-FBI.


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