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Brad Merriman – President – TACD Media LLC – These days it seems daily someone begs the question, ‘is the NDAA and Patriot act constitutional’? By the letter of it, no. However this is not 1776, we don’t meet on battlefields anymore the war is now not a physical challenge, its a mind game, a very sneaky, covert, underground, mind game. We first fought centuries ago with swords, once a fight happened and one side expected rocks to be thrown, yet the other side brought swords. After that, when wars were fought swords were used, why? Have to keep up with the times. Then guns were invented, a war happened where one side brought swords, and the other side introduced guns to battle. Then after that, battles were fought with guns, why? Keep up with the changing times. Then the world wars started. Suddenly there were flying aircraft in WWI, used mostly for surveillance, it changed war forever. But only one side had it at first, then eventually, the other side needed to change tactics to keep up right? Could you imagine if one side did not have any aircraft in WWII? There would have been no war. The World wars also began to introduce the sneaky warfare, mustard gas, grenades, bombs, mines. So, each side began to prepare to change tactics once again, gotta keep up right? So they issued gas masks, employed mine and bomb detectors, and taught the soldiers how to deal with grenades, Why? Have to keep up with the changing war tactics right? Then they added tanks, armored vehicles, both sides had to have them to keep up. Now we find ourselves in similar situations. We attacked the Iraqi army in Kuwait in the early 90s because Kuwait was rich with oil, and Hussein wanted it, we attacked, we used patriot missiles, tanks, troops, air craft. He hit em hard and won. This began to anger those whom we attacked, so what did they do? Once again, change tactics. Al Quada declared war on the US, a jihad. The new tactics? Suicide bombers, hijackers, terrorists. What did America do after 9/11? You guessed it, once again we changed tactics. Al Quada began to fight a silent underground war, so to keep up, we began to go underground ourselves. This is the sick reason we have the NDAA and Patriot Act, I dont like it anymore than you do, however If we didn’t, it would have been like fighting WWII without aircraft.


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