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Can I Really Use LinkedIn To Get A Job?

Linked IN For Job
In an age when connectivity has evolved into something so powerful as to topple nations such questions seem almost asinine.  Still, it helps to ask the question if only to clarify the answer.

The power provided to us by WEB 2.0 tools is unprecedented.  It has created unheard of connectivity, brand new social paradigms, communicative constructs that can either hinder opportunity or exponentially magnify them.  Can you really use LinkedIn to get a job?  Hell yeah you can!

My old mandate rings true, build a network, leverage a network, create an opportunity.

Everyone knows company recruiters, managers, as well as associates looking out for their friends trawl LinkedIn’s professional network seeking opportunity.  The possibilities each of us bring the network magnify the possibility for job prospects tremendously.  In fact, I haven’t Googled so I can’t quantify the number for you, but basic observation proves out the theory.  We can see people locking jobs through LinkedIn.  It is happening.

It is the power of data aggregated appropriately to create information, which is what data becomes when it is logically constructed to make sense, and once it is information the power inherent in it becomes conveyed through communication.  The more rich the communicative experience the more effective the experience.

In this we find tremendous value.  LinkedIn on its initial interface is a rich communications experience.  The personal profile is a dynamic vehicle you can use to tailor your message as necessary.  There are various plug-ins you can employ that will enrich your profile and attract attention that is positive, increasing your possibilities for creating strong connections that will yield real results.

Remember, this is your personal brand.  The Lock The Job process is all about building your brand and telling the story of you.  LinkedIn is an integral part of the Lock The Job process.  It is one of many avenues we utilize in order to re-build your brand into a vehicle for powerful and positive differentiation.

Which takes us back to the old mandate. Your network has value.  Your connections have value.  The professional network paradigm builds on the old concept of who you know.  You can leverage LinkedIn to see in depth professionally who you know, who they know, who they might be connected to, who’s looked at your recently, and what value you can find through these various connections.  I cannot express to you enough just how powerful this is.

Have you heard of Bullhorn Reach?  If you haven’t don’t worry, you will. Go on LinkedIn and check it out.  Have you endorsed someone for a skill?  If you haven’t don’t worry, you probably will.  We’ll discuss these aspects of the network in an upcoming article.  For now, know that these tools enrich the network experience and increase you chances for connectivity, and opportunity, thus your ability to use the professional network to Lock The Job.

Clearly, this is not a difficult proposition for you to understand and internalize.  LinkedIn has been in operation for about ten years.  It is a closely observed company on Wall Street.  In terms of recruiting it has become an indispensable tool.  If you are not on LinkedIn … WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!  Get online now, take a look at other profiles now, choose the best in breed of those profiles now, collect your information now, create your profile and tell you story on LinkedIn now!

Can you use LinkedIn to Lock The Job?  Now … I don’t need to answer that question again, do I?

The Aspiring Critical Thinker,
D.S. Brown

About D.S. Brown

Aspiring critical thinker, author, motivational speaker, prime motivator.


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