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Should Trayvon Martin Have Been Killed And Is It A Crime?

Travyon Martin is on now officially on trial. Yes, I said Travyon Martin is on trial, not Robert Zimmerman.  You see, there is a perspective here that we must consider critically, one that is not being discussed widely, and is most certainly the core question of why we are even having a racial discussion entwined with … Continue reading

Supreme Court Rulings on DOMA and Prop 8 Put Us on the Right Path

On a great day for those of us who support equal rights pertaining to the LGBT community, the Supreme Court made the correct decisions on Prop 8 and DOMA.  They determined that the petitioners who continued to defend Prop 8 after the state refused to appeal the lower courts’ decisions didn’t have the standing to … Continue reading

The Liberty of Risk-Taking in the Business World

Ben Casselman penned a thoughtful piece last week in the WSJ which documented the decline of risk-taking in business ventures. Hard data shows that both the number of new companies and the use of venture capital is waning. And this downward trend is a major contributor to the fact that the recovery from the recent … Continue reading

Racist Bigot

I’m a bigot, you’re a bigot, he’s a bigot, can you bigot baby. (To the tune of “Can You Dig It”) Lately it seems the site (TACD) has been consumed with posts about how bigoted/racist one side or the other is. Even I have entered the fray. We have had comments by some that all … Continue reading

We Don’t Have Challenges We Have Problems

If you’ve ever heard someone say, “We don’t have problems we have challenges,” you probably thought, what nonsense. Even after they explain that what they really meant to say was that the problems are just challenges to be overcome, you may still be left feeling as if there is something wrong with their statement. It … Continue reading

A Monumental Stellar Music Relapse of the Eighties at Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia Maryland May 3rd & 4th, 2013

While the summer season of outdoor concert events begins to unfold for yet another blazing, sweaty, rock and roll, ear candy, hell ride for the summer of 2013, it becomes an annual mental choice, Rock on The Range, Rocklahoma, or even Carolina Rebellion. For many of us like-minded Rock fans, who just can’t get enough … Continue reading

Are You A Resume Chicken?

Have you given up before you even started? Are you fresh out of college or are you at the end of your rope at your current job?  And if you are truly on the edge of the end, are you doing what’s necessary to insure your next step is a good step, a true step … Continue reading

Should Americans Send All Latinos Back To Mexico?

There are conversations and convolutions abounding, scandals of the moment clogging the airwaves and whistle-blowers become traitors by stepping on efforts to preserve American freedom by informing the Chinese government that the NSA is spying on them.  As ever, the 24 hour news cycles elevates the sound and the fury, whether it is good or … Continue reading

Las Vegas: Destination Chocolate

Usually your first thoughts when debarking the jet way and into the glamorous city of Las Vegas are which club to frequent, what show to see, what specialty alcoholic drink to sip, where to go shopping, and where to find the best steak dinner. But after that late morning breakfast, with the sun midway across … Continue reading

Will The Tea Party Destroy America?

Let’s be frank, in 2008 the ascension of President Barack Obama galvanized the nation and motivated millions. His successful bid for the Presidency inspired millions, and even billions across the globe.  Here in America it also inspired millions to rise up and declare America in decline, that the elevation of a socio-fascistic-communistic Kenyan to the … Continue reading

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