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IRON MAN 3 (2013)

https://i2.wp.com/static4.businessinsider.com/image/512e48cf6bb3f79158000002-864-1280-600-/iron%20man%203%20poster.jpg    I want to start by apologizing to my readers and TACD. I’ve dropped off for a couple of weeks because I’ve had a lot hit me and I apologize. However, I figure why not return with a movie, and character, who’s doing some returning of his own! Tony Stark, or Iron Man, (Robert Downey Jr.), has once again blown me away in the theater. This one however, for me, was a lot better than the second Iron Man, and besides the firsts’ originality, it is by far the best and most entertaining. Iron Man 3 is about Tony having to deal with the after effects of The Avengers, (Oh yes, the writers did not act as if it didn’t exist. In fact if you pay attention to the suit number they discuss in the movie, you can roughly count how long its been between The Avengers and Iron Man 3), and with an enemy who’s not quite the villain he, nor we, expect. The Mandarin, who is played by Ben Kingsley, is absolutely awesome and terrifyingly funny… and morbid? To say the least, you will NEVER forget this villain.

On the offshoot, Robert Downey Jr., once again plays the most perfect interpretation of Tony Stark and is hilariously egotistical and rich. Don’t forget rich. But he’s still human right? Of course, and all humans have error. In this movie however, we see the absolute most awesome suits he has and an even newer-yet-still-cooler one that you just can’t get out of your mind. The effects team and creative minds in Marvel’s arsenal right now is at an all-time high and will for sure be on top of their game for many decades.

If you can’t tell, I thought this movie was great!! It had every little bit of detail to let you further into each individual world of Tony Stark, and Tony as Iron Man. Yet, it still has that perfect balance of comedy, action, and drama that all of Marvel’s movies leading into The Avengers, and now after, have and will have. I look forward to each release they have. Overall: 10/10. It’s just the perfect date/family/nerd/comic-con/comedy superhero movie you can have delivered to you. Definitely a “see more” than once movie also. And if Mr. Downey Jr. can’t help it, I see him ruling over Iron Man’s role for then next decade or so.  If that happens he will have the most movies as a specific superhero character in superhero movie, ever. He’s just too perfect to leave anytime soon. GO SEE IT! THEN GO SEE IT AGAIN!!!

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