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Fast, fierce fashion

With Lamborghini and DMR Production as sponsors, you’ve got your fast and fierce. Add the fashion and you’ve got yourself a show that goes from zero to sixty at the speed of style.

The BAYFashion magazine Runway Presentation, Coolest Looks & Hottest Styles, took place May 3rd at the majestic Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Several Lamborghinis were positioned as luxurious props both inside and out of the stunning venue.  It was an enchanting evening of Exotics by Bacca Da Silva to start the show. Bacca definitely brought it with his contemporary, urban inspired designs.

Maisha Bahati and Felix Rodionov continue to work the NorCal fashion circuit, showcasing their coolest looks and hottest styles, most recently at BAYFashion and at Sac Fashion Week earlier this year.  Maisha’s signature jersey knit maxi dresses are what real women want to wear. They could be best described as functional fashions with flavor and flair; I still want that blue-green dress!  The rough and ready to wear co-ed clothing of Felix Rodionov still “rocks and rolls” to me.

CLHS couture cover-boy, Christophe Guillarme, closed the first part of the show with his Cannes Fashion creations. The Paris collection conveys a romantic rebellion on the runway as well as the red carpet.

All hail David Heil, lead designer for David August Lifestyle Outfitters. His ferrous fashions can be seen in the first two installments of the Iron Man trilogy. He keeps Tony Stark looking sharp on the big screen and beyond. Just recently Robert Downey Jr., donned the dapper duds at the Hollywood Premiere of Iron Man 3.

David August suits are sexy, savvy and sophisticated, but this spring/summer collection is all about the pants. Chic floral custom capris are the latest offering in the David August design arsenal. The metrosexual man-pants push the cusp of unconventional coolness.

Newly launched line, Cityzen by Azin uses the satellite imagery of fourteen different cities as the blueprint for the details in her intricate designs. Subtle surprises printed on silk, satin and leather recreate each city’s unique story. A meandering river or stream becomes a strap or slit, and a rouged mountain top can become a voluminous neckline.  First Lady, Michelle Obama, received the Cityzen Chicago dress as a gift. The gorgeous garment was inspired by the cityscape of her “Windy City” hometown.  I can’t wait to see an original Cityzen Sacramento.

The Amazing Creations of Cory Couture wrapped the BAYFashion runway roundup. For frill seekers, the fantasy fashions did not disappoint. It takes hundreds of hours to complete each complex piece. The laborious line creatively incorporates the use of vibrant colors infused with fun fur fabrics and adornments of feather fringe.

About kimmims

I'm born and raised in Sac Town which is why I'm enthusiastic about highlighting the diverse River City region. I write about what I'm passionate about, and right now that's Sacramento's film and fashion scenes. I created Phantom Fashion as an outlet of expression for these burgeoning industries in California's capital city. http://phantomfashionblogger.blogspot.com/


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