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Disable Actors… To Hire or Not to Hire…

There has been a lot of controversy over the new show NBC is bringing out. They are re-making “Ironside” which will star Blair Underwood. I watched “Ironside” when I was a kid. Raymond Burr had the lead in this show. Some are wondering why the role for today’s “Ironside” didn’t actually go to a disabled … Continue reading

Republican/Conservatives are Racists

Yes we have all heard the mantra from the left, “those Republicans, those conservatives…are all racists.” I have news for all of you; some Republicans, some conservatives, some Democrats, some Independents, and some Liberals are racist. This article will not focus on individual races regarding racism even though no race is immune from being racist. … Continue reading

Is President Obama Pursuing A Policy of Terror?

Does the President support the premise of the War on Terror?  Does the President support the premise of the prosperity of war, that is to support constant conflict somewhere on the globe where American enterprise can be leveraged for greater profit on the backs and blood of brave soldiers, fighting for some cause either real … Continue reading

President Obama Talks Down To Morehouse Graduates

I am thoroughly dismayed by the prospect of red crabs in a barrel pulling each other down.  I am even more dismayed by a blue crab of another barrel joining us in our barrel, a good crab who suddenly felt motivated to speak on the experience of red crabs and merrily proceed to pull us down. … Continue reading

Angelina Jolie

She is beautiful, rich, has a famous boyfriend and dad, she has kids she adores, and she can act. I’m talking about Angelina Jolie. I am not a huge fan of hers, but I do enjoy watching her in a good movie. I read where Angelina has taken drastic measures to prevent getting cancer. I … Continue reading

President Obama Is Attacking Conservatives

The President of the United States has a problem. Real life is swiftly resembling a television episode of Scandal. Or … is that going too far? Yes, of course that’s going too far. Time and time again I have asked that we earnestly seek to elevate our politics. However, in order to elevate our politics … Continue reading

With the IRS Scandal, Should We Delay Implementation of Obamacare?

Back in 2009, Obama gave a speech at Arizona State University and joked about using the IRS to audit unsavory people. In a jolting forecast nearly four years ago, Glenn Reynolds wrote a response in the WSJ, saying, “Should the IRS come to be seen as just a bunch of enforcers for whoever is in … Continue reading

Cuomo for 2016? He Loves To Spend Your Money For Nothing

Knowing that Gov. Cuomo is considered a possible contender for 2016, his use of taxpayer funds in this regard is appalling. It is an outrage that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is spending up to $140 million of taxpayer money and funds received for disaster relief, to publicize the advantages of conducting business in New York. New York … Continue reading

IRON MAN 3 (2013)

    I want to start by apologizing to my readers and TACD. I’ve dropped off for a couple of weeks because I’ve had a lot hit me and I apologize. However, I figure why not return with a movie, and character, who’s doing some returning of his own! Tony Stark, or Iron Man, (Robert Downey … Continue reading

Celebrity Swatting

Our poor celebrities, they just can’t get a break. They have to fight off camera crews, fans, deranged fans, and autograph hounds. And now there is something new. It’s called Celebrity Swatting. What is this you ask? Celebrity Swatting is where celebrities are targeted by a hoax of 911 calls, saying there is danger in … Continue reading

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