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Will There Be American Justice In Boston

bostonAs we change from week to week and the Boston Marathon Bombing moves from shock, horror and confusion to action, identification, and justice.  It is the nature of freedom and justice, American justice, with which we must concern ourselves.

American Justice is the path our government is choosing, putting Tsarnaev in the justice system.  He is not an enemy combatant on some field of war.  He is not a soldier of some nationality that has declared war against the United States.  In fact, what he is, is a criminal.  He is an American criminal.  As such, he is an American citizen.  This means he must be tried within the confines of our justice system as an American citizen.  It is the right thing to do. 

However, the clarion call has been made by reactionary legislative forces to treat Tsarnaev as an enemy combatant and strip him of his Constitutional rights, and perhaps his God given rights if at all possible.  Those voices have been joined by others who spread their nonsense and stupidity for public consumption, and the dilution of our collective intellectual acumen.  They call for Tsarnaev to be strung up in the Boston Common, letting the crows pick on his rotting flesh. 

This is typical.  Anger overcomes us and grief drowns our rationality.  However, for some of us this is a constant state of being.  Unfortunately, such minds hold sway over masses and do wield some power.  This, of course, is utterly unacceptable.  As we seek to better the commons and elevate our politics we must demand that our officials speak and act with sincere intelligence and critical thinking minds. 

This means we must remain vigilant.  This means we must be thinking when we act.  This means we must seek justice with fierce determination, strength, and discretion.  This means that we cannot marginalize our freedom for security, be it an act totalitarian authority, or barbarism.    

Interestingly enough, the extremist forces in the Republican party are fond of railing against measures to help society in general, calling such policies an encroachment on liberty, that President Obama is shredding the Constitution.  Of course, such statements have no grounding in facts and cannot be supported under the withering light of truth. 

When we have an American citizen, be he born or naturalized, committing a crime, albeit it a clear act of terror, the first thing they want to do is toss out the Constitution.   Thus setting clear precedent for action that could be conceivably abused in the years to come.  How casually Senator Lindsey Graham tosses aside the sacred document at the heart of our nation.  Again, this is unacceptable.

Without question we must seek justice.  We must act with bold determination.  We must show those who would act against us in such a heinous and brazen manner that we will not tolerate such behavior.  They must know that our reaction will be swift and sure.  However, even as we draw blood and utterly destroy those who would destroy our own in mindless acts of terror, we must act after the fact when the dust settles. And when we do act after the fact, it must be with heart and mind focused on justice that is due and proper, utterly civilized, exhibiting the evolving best of our humanity, and exemplifying the ever-growing American ideal.  

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Aspiring critical thinker, author, motivational speaker, prime motivator.


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