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Whether you ask for my help or not, I WILL be there!

Last week I shared a poem about my battle with drug addiction. It garnered more likes and comments than anything else I have written so, I am not above the Hollywood “sequels for success” theme! For those who read my poem last week, you remember the little girl who I made cry herself to sleep Thanksgiving night? This is the poem I wrote 4 years ago to her older sister, she was deep into drugs and drinking, and going nowhere in life. I gave her this poem on her 18th birthday. After the poem is a brief follow up on what she is doing today.

The Rope

I see you in that ocean, sometimes floating ,other times not

You’re drowning in your troubles that you so willingly bought

I keep throwing you a rope..O please look, it’s right there

But you turn your head away as if you don’t even care

Understand this my dear precious child

It’s OK that your life has become so wild

This rope will always be there, right next to your hand

Just grab on, I promise you, your life can still be grand

I fear that ocean that you’re in, I see the sharks surround you

But I will swim in it to save you, if that’s what I have to do

For you truly are an Angel, you’ve helped save my life before

And I love you with all my heart, for now and evermore

I’ve known you your whole life, since your day of birth

So even tho you may not understand your true worth

Trust me when I tell you, this world’s a better place

Just having you in it, My Little Princess Grace

You have brought me countless memories, O so full of joy

Do you really think I give a damn if you prefer a girl to a boy?

It’s the other path you’re traveling that rips at my heart

The troubles you seem to seek that tears my soul apart

Your friends are nice kids, I love them one and all

But they keep you traveling down this doorless hall

No doors to open, no windows to let in the promising light

And I know why you prefer to wait for the deep black night

When you venture out as darkness covers the land

With a blunt in your mouth and a bottle in your hand

Tension balls your fists up, always ready for a fight

These things seem less shameful, when covered by the night

As you know I traveled this road for O so many years

Just substitute my many drugs for your Exstacy and beers

No one understands you, damn do they even care?

I’m going to tell you a secret, read on if you dare

Deep down you have the answers to all these questions in your head

We all love you, but we want you safe at night, and home in your bed

You finished school and received your diploma, I’m so proud of you

Worked so hard at your jobs that my pride again swelled up true

But you have these demons that follow you night and day

You gave birth to them and now they’re having their say

They whisper in your ears, telling you what to do

They say “If you can’t trust us, then who?”

Well screw those demons!  You need to cast them out

As you well know, I’ve already been down that route

These demons promise you fun and at first they do deliver

Till one day their voices just make you shake and quiver

You have to kill these bastards while they’re young and have less power

Trust me when I tell you,baby girl, they grow stronger with every hour

I hate your demons as much as I feared my own

I will help you fight them and bring you to a safe zone

I see you in that ocean, My Little Princess Grace

The waves so high they sometimes cover your face

I promise you this, my rope is O so strong

It is made of love, and can do no wrong

My end is tied around my waist so very, very tight

I pray to feel you tug, together we can win this fight

Grab that rope and pull, then look deep into my eyes

You will see I am willing to battle a demon of any size

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Patrick William Garrett

Yes, this story has a happy ending. She called me after she read this, crying and said, “I’m tugging on the rope, Uncle Pat.”  I rushed over and we sat, cried, talked, and hugged, and cried some more, for about 10 hours. I told her the truth on what life as a drug addict would hold for her future, and she believed me because I have never, in her entire life, lied to her. I made some deals with her. I signed her up for my gym and we worked out together 5 nights a week. I helped her find a job and I told her if she would sign up for college I would too. That little brat called my bluff on that one! We took some night courses at City College, it ended up that she loves school! That was all 4 years ago.  She is now a sales person making a tidy bankroll each week, she received one certificate as a mechanic and is going to college with almost a full load. Her girlfriend told me she has not done a single night of drugs since the night we talked.
The reason I shared this is because if you have a young person in your life you love, and they are on this road, try anything and everything you can to open their eyes. You might be amazed at how well simple honesty works. If you are an ex-addict, tell them the deepest darkest secrets you have, tell them of the most shameful things you did while high. Of course, there are no guarantees it will get through to them; unfortunately, it seems to work best when it’s someone else’s kids.  Kids just don’t want to listen to their parents.

God Bless us all, and next week I will be back to ranting and raving about politics.


One thought on “Whether you ask for my help or not, I WILL be there!

  1. You do have a gift with poetry. I am sooooooo happy you saved your princess Grace and I wish the best for her and for you. God bless you for being there for her and for being totally true in talking to her. People are more to listen and respect you if you always tell them the truth.

    Posted by kandybarnes | April 12, 2013, 11:43 pm

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