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BRAD MERRIMAN/ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF- You want my actual take on the real origin of all of this nonsense? Let’s go back to the June Clever days for a moment huh? In the 40’s and 50’s, dad worked and mom stayed at home. The kids went to school, came home, had a snack, did homework, went out to play for a bit, they had a schedule, they had a daily routine, there was no actual free time, no time for kids to spend alone. In my father’s childhood days, sex simply was not talked about, and was not done really before marriage, not like it is today. Then the 60’s and 70’s came, free love, sex was not as big of a deal. Moms were tired of staying at home, they got jobs, leaving kids without a routine, no itinerary, they had free time. This is where the drinking heavily started to be more prevalent, with alcohol comes more sex. Since many of these kids were raised by parents who did talk about sex with their kids, they took on the same model of parenting. Teens started getting pregnant more often.
Planned Parenthood started in the 20s, it was just a birth control clinic. It progressed and in the 70s republican president Nixon finally did something right, he dedicated federal money to supporting PP. With the 80’s came STDs, AIDS, Hep, the works. PP when I was a kid was thought of as a hero in my school, and it was a Lutheran school. A PP worker came in and talked to us about safe sex, and AIDS, explained what a condom was, and how to use it. I was in 8th grade. PP was dedicated and still is, to providing ANY need there might be for a young parent. They also provide help if you don’t want to be a parent. They provide parenting classes. They provide health services for women, and for children. It really is sad that all you want to focus on is the abortions. I hate to say it, but I wish you were a poor young woman who needed health care for a female issue, and you didn’t have health insurance, and PP was where you had to turn. Even as you bad mouth them with your half-truths, and outright lies, they would still help you. No woman is ever turned away for any medical need at PP.
Basically Planned Parenthood relies on the ignorant parents who think their kids don’t want to have sex, and have no interest in learning about it. We are all sexual beings; teens are no exception, especially when fueled with alcohol. Without this ignorance, complacency, and gullibility, PP would not be needed nearly as much. I applaud them for the continued support of America’s women and the support in the decisions they choose to make with their bodies.
In closing, PP in no way ‘promotes sex’. PP knows that sex will always happen, and will not go away because some parents decide to turn a blind eye. PP gives the teens of America the knowledge to make informed, sensible, safe decisions about sex.



  1. Wow, what a misguided assessment of a vile, baby-killing machine.

    Posted by Jackie | April 26, 2013, 1:24 pm

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