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Emotional Hesitance

When was the last time you were completely and utterly honest when someone asked you how you felt?

Lately I’ve noticed that many people are hesitant to express their true feelings. Whether they hold back their emotions to save someone else from getting hurt or from starting fights I am unsure, though I assume it must be a mixture of both. This kind of behavior is like a double-edged sword, though; in the moment, it helps the situation. In the long run, it creates an unbalanced emotional self.

From what I’ve seen, this hesitation mostly occurs with feelings that are considered “bad”. This can be anything from anger or resentment to sadness or remorse. For the most part, people are comfortable expressing their happiness with others, but when it comes to any emotion that might be judged by those they care about, they keep it inside. But by bottling up these emotions, especially ones like anger and sadness, you are essentially creating a time-bomb within yourself that could go off without warning. All of those opinions you kept to yourself in the moment will come spilling out of your mouth like some kind of twisted scene from a paranormal possession movie. All of those fights you avoided, all of those things you didn’t say when you should have, all of those black emotions will be exposed, and it won’t be pretty to watch.

If you just say what you feel when you feel like saying it, you will be happier overall. There will be no emotional build-up.

Sometimes I feel like society has taught us that our emotions, extreme or otherwise, are invalid and that we shouldn’t express them when in fact the opposite is true. Admitting how you feel to others and especially to yourself is vital.

Picture this: a utopia of honesty. Everyone lets themselves stay true to their emotions and because of this, no one lashes out. No one would have to question someone else’s feelings because we’d all be open about it. People, on a larger scale than what I’ve seen in today’s world, would finally understand each other.

So tell yourself the truth. How do you feel?

About breawful

I"m the outcome of Chuck Palahniuk and Micheal Cera having a love child and spoon-feeding it a healthy diet of sarcasm, alternative music, and coffee with too much creamer.


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