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Review: Oh Myyy!: There Goes the Internet

Cross-posted from The Evolution of Reason I just finished Oh Myyy!: There Goes the Internet. An interesting book from George Takei about the internet and social media. This fairly quick read is a great look at the social web through a unique perspective that the vast majority of us will never have the opportunity to … Continue reading


BRAD MERRIMAN – EDITOR-IN-CHIEF – There is no one ready to call this photo fixed, but no one can confirm the photo as genuine. On Thursday after the bombing president Obama and the first lady visited MANY victims of the Boston bombing. IF and that’s a big IF, she actually visited this guy, for one, … Continue reading

Facebook’s Refusal to Shut Down Video of Woman’s Murder Disgusts Public [Graphic adult content]

Last updated 5/2/13 11:28 pm This story is filled with depictions of death and other adult content.  Please do not continue if you are sensitive to depictions of death and mutilation.  Parental discretion is advised. Tonight a friend of mine on Facebook shared a video that she thought was disgusting.  I’m not sure why she … Continue reading

Will There Be American Justice In Boston

As we change from week to week and the Boston Marathon Bombing moves from shock, horror and confusion to action, identification, and justice.  It is the nature of freedom and justice, American justice, with which we must concern ourselves. American Justice is the path our government is choosing, putting Tsarnaev in the justice system.  He is not … Continue reading

April 29: An Historic Day of Budgeteering

An interesting juxtaposition exists between April 29, 1909 and April 29, 2009 in the realm of budget history. On April 29, 1909, the world’s biggest Superpower, Great Britain, introduced the “People’s Budget.” The People’s Budget is famously noted for being the first budget in the history of Britain with the “expressed intent of redistributing wealth” … Continue reading

Beautiful Fight Scenes Through the Seasons

“To everything…there is a season.”  Or so the song, and biblical verse, says.  This holds true for so many things in our lives.  One of the unlikely things that I have found follows this uncannily accurate proverb is the beauty of sword fights in film.  Recently, when thinking of my favorite sword fights (by favorite … Continue reading

Oblivion (2013)

            Oblivion: The state of being completely forgotten or unknown. This gave me a great feeling of not knowing what our history of Earth was in 2077, making me wonder what happened to us. That was directed stupendously by Joseph Kosinski, (who’s also directed Tron: Legacy), and also wrote the graphic novel that it’s based … Continue reading

RIP Annette Funicello

I remember as a child watching “The Mickey Mouse Club.” Annette Funicello was my favorite Mouseketeer, along with Cubby and Karen, the smallest of the group. I thought Annette was beautiful with her dark hair and beautiful smile. I was saddened to hear of her passing from complications of MS (multiple sclerosis), a disease she’s … Continue reading

“Carried Interest” is Not the Problem Everyone Wants It To Be

John Steele Gordon’s recent Op-Ed in the WSJ opened with the following observation: “The question of how to fairly and equitably tax capital gains has been a political problem since the modern personal-income tax was adopted in 1913.” Being a business/financial historian, he gives an adequate overview of the history of capital gains and how … Continue reading

Boston Marathon Bombers Brought to Justice

Yesterday morning officials in the Boston area tracked down the two bombing suspects.  The oldest of the two brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev (26), known as the black hat suspect, was killed during a confrontation with law enforcement.  The younger brother, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev (19), known as the white hat suspect, escaped the scene, running over the body … Continue reading

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