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Let’s Keep Doing The Time Warp

Everyone has always told me that I’m lucky to be growing up in The Age of Technology. Social media and cell phones have advanced and taken over a majority of the population, in the same way that practically all humans have this insatiable urge to buy themselves a bigger television. Commercials and bill boards are always announcing the New! And! Improved! something, and there are more types of iPhones than I can count on one hand. The whole world wants to advance, advance, and advance. But what about the people who want to enjoy the moment? Better yet, what about the people who want to enjoy a moment that existed decades ago?

Even in the midst of all these advancements, I have a record player and multiple records. And I enjoy listening to them. I also have a dresser that was found at a thrift shop and a lamp that doesn’t turn on when I clap. My clothing is almost all second-hand, and my adoration for hippies and punks outweighs my love for swag and yolo. I don’t even own a cell phone.

I’m not the only one who seems to be regressing with my choice of era to live in. It appears as though there is an equal amount of people who would rather live in the past as there are people who want to live in the future. It’s the choice of being in the 1970’s or the year 2050. For me, the decision isn’t very tough.

Although there is not a definite answer as to why this regression is occurring (even Adele has records out along with her CDs), I think it has a lot to do with nostalgia. Nostalgia normally applies to those who actually went through the experience, but in this case, I think it can apply to this generation as well. Many of us (well, all of us) teenagers didn’t live in the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s, but we can still miss a simpler time of life. It’s okay to feel nostalgia for a time we didn’t get to live through. Those time periods seem to have been filled with happier people anyway.

Honestly, I feel like technology and all of these so-called ‘advancements’ complicate our lives more than they help us. When you realize that you have better conversations with your GPS than you do with anyone else, maybe you’ll see my point.

Until then, I’ll keep listening to Adam and The Ants on vinyl and wearing my tacky over-sized sweaters.

About breawful

I"m the outcome of Chuck Palahniuk and Micheal Cera having a love child and spoon-feeding it a healthy diet of sarcasm, alternative music, and coffee with too much creamer.


One thought on “Let’s Keep Doing The Time Warp

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