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Our Glorious Police State

       Turn on Fox News and you’ll hear constant reports about the socialization of America and how it is destroying our freedoms in America. Whether it involves universal healthcare, welfare, or Obama taking a walk, it somehow leads to socialism in the US. I won’t argue that this ISN’T happening right now, because it certainly is. However what Fox News, and the other news outlets, have ignored (because of corporate and political pressure) is the growing police state within our country, up until now with the Drone debate. Sadly, I have no confidence that the government will do anything about it, because it’s in the government’s best interest, on both sides, to keep it that way.

So what exactly is a police state? I mean, it has police in the name so it can’t be that bad, right? Nope!  A police state is any government that retains excessive control over social, economic, and political life and enforce it strictly. It is a key characteristic of any big government, they are whether fascist, communist, theocratic, or even democratic; Strong governments lead to Police States. This doesn’t mean that all police states are necessarily evil, but none are morally right, no matter how they justify it. Here are a few examples of notable police states in history: Rome (from Empire to papal state ruling Europe), France during their revolution, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. All these nations had their own form of secret police, key controls over society, and oppressed their citizens one way or another. “But Israel is an ally of the US. They are a beacon of freedom and peace!” Yeah, well nothing says “Police State” more than mandatory background checks to enter the country,  key government control, secret police force through Mossad, mandatory armed service and military patrols on every street. Also, not to completely side with Palestine, but Israel hasn’t exactly treated the Palestinians with much kindness either. Their intentions maybe good, but that doesn’t make it right.

“But the United States is founded on freedom! We would never let tyranny take our freedoms away!” Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you already have. Our freedoms have been slowly corroded since the signing of the Constitution (Heck, any Federal amendment after the Tenth should be unconstitutional, but we still have added them to it). We only haven’t noticed because all these changes have come over the course of many generations, all the way back to the 1800s. What we have to remember is that is it in the best interest of Government to have power over the People. Our Congress and presidents have for the most part, have all been Pro Government, Republican and Democrat. Sure, we may have our Ron Reagans, Tom Jeffersons and Ron Pauls that want to limit Government Power, but we have had plenty more Obamas, Roosevelts, and Pelosis that simply strengthen the Government. As History has shown, when nations grow power, the common people lose (See: Rome, Germany, and Russia for evidence).
Nanny states are police states in their larvae form; eating away at our civil rights until they grow enough to evolve into proper police states. It starts honestly: In order to protect the people, the good hearted government steps in to enforce small laws and fines to help the community. Don’t loiter, don’t litter, wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, etc. These laws all mean well, but also limit freedom in a small way. Don’t worry, I’m not advocating littering, I’m just playing the Devil’s advocate. Still, nanny states feed on power, like any government. They crave control like a baby throwing a hissy fit.  I live in Florida and we have the “Click it or Ticket” where if you or a passenger are found to not be wearing a seat belt while driving a car, you may be fined. That’s understandable, but don’t you think it’s a little overstepping? Afterall, it is the person’s choice to wear a seat belt or not and it doesn’t cause them to be a bad driver unlike texting or alcohol consumption.  It is simply a safety precaution. Several years back, California put a ban on Oreo cookies because they had high amounts of trans fat in them, which forced Kraft to reduce it in order to keep sales in the country’s most populated state. Earlier in 2012, when the president of Chick Fil A said he was against gay marriage, the city of Illinois, under Rahm Emanuel, said they would not allow Chick Fil A to operate based on a stupid social criticism. Of course, recently we got to see one of the best examples of nanny statism, even though it really is small police statism. (Fuhrer) Michael Bloomberg, high on the other nanny laws he made, decided to strike a vital blow to a core american tradition: Large capacity, high fructose soft drinks. This, of course, was the final straw with many New Yorkers. But what did Mein Fuhrer care? He was sitting high in his mansion, billions in his pockets, and protected by his privately owned police force. Power is his drug and he has overdosed on it. Luckily, the people won a rare victory for common sense, as Bloomberg’s law was overturned…by a fat judge. (Bless his Heart)

On August 1, 1966 Charles Whitman went up into the University of Texas tower and started shooting students. Under federal law, the US Military may not intervene in domestic issues, so this attack was up to the police, who were armed only with handguns and shotguns, none of which were able to bring the shooter down from the ground. There is, however, an unspoken factor in this shooting; the armed citizens. This was Texas and many of the people there were armed. While they did not bring Whitman down, these armed Samaritans were able to successfully pin him down so a few police officers could get up the tower and kill him. This fact has been forgotten from history. The aftermath of this tragedy rapidly brought on the rapid development of our police state. This would be a contributing factor in gun control and waiting period on buying guns. Directly, the Tower Shooting created the hallmark symbol of a police state: militarized police, because the common people are unable to fend for themselves (A myth I just debunked several sentences ago) While I’m glad to have SWAT teams and riot police  there to protect us from dangerous individuals, I can’t help but feel scared as well. These police are armed with fully automatic weapons, have the ability to use armor piercing rounds and nerve gas, wear bulletproof armor, drive in bulletproof tanks, and have training equal to our own military special forces. They are a military presence under the disguise of a civilian force. If there is ever a violent anti-government riot, movement or rebellion, our government sends these people to disperse the crowd. (See Kent State Shooting, only a few years after this the Texas Shooting) An army to encroach on its citizen. An army few of us are ready to fight if the case every arose we needed to.

Since 1966, our civil liberties and freedoms have been lost in a landslide; the mud from this landslide being used to form our growing Police State. Who would think back in 1945 that our own country today would start to resemble the Pre-War Nazi Germany. We have watch lists of people who are suspected of being “threats” to the safety of our country and are prohibited from being in certain places. We have our own secret police forces, Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency, eerily similar to the Gestapo and SS. Our leaders, on both sides, bypass the Constitution more than they pass through their doors of the Capitol. The State fights and protects corporate interest above the People’s interest while also promoting socialist reforms to try to “build trust” in the government. Both sides are controlling our media and obscuring the truth from us to better build their platform and followers. Our educational system is trying to rewrite our history to brainwash the next generation. We now are under the Patriot Act, and we may be monitored and wiretapped whenever the government wants to. We can now be arrested based on suspicion, without a proper warrant. Our Internet, our last frontier of free information, is under constant threat of becoming censored. In some towns and cities, there is a curfew and armed policed officers patrol the streets. In some cities, the Police are OWNED by insidious individuals to bring down the power of the people. Our prisons are owned by private industries and lobby for increased laws to have a constant labor force (That’s right. We literally do have Work Camps now). OUR GOVERNMENT CAN NOW KILL ITS OWN CITIZENS FROM 20,000 FEET IN THE SKY! We are not heading towards becoming a police state, We ARE a police state. All we need now is a leader to come along to declare himself “All Supreme” to lay down the final keystone to our “Federal Republic”.

The Police state is not a simple partisan issue, it’s all about power. Democrats and Republicans want it. Capitalists and Socialists want it. This is one thing both sides can agree on. We the People must chose a side! We cannot sit on the fence; to do so is to side with the police state! We must chose what’s more important to us, our freedom or our safety. We must sacrifice one for the other. This post will hopefully open your eyes to what is currently happening to our country. To end with a Matrix line “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” You must either choose to be blissfully ignorant to what is happening now or you choose to realize that our Government is actively seeking to take total control of our lives. Decide carefully, as the decision will affect yours and your children’s lives to come.

Jesse Miesen

Writer, Thinker, Activist


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