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Let’s not even get into the fact that organizations like the Ku Klux Klan were started by Democrats, or the fact that Republicans throughout history voted to abolish slavery, and for Equal Rights, while Democrats historically voted against these proposals. To go there we must listen to the “theory” that the Parties “switched sides”(eye roll). To make it simpler I will concentrate only on the present.
First, let us concede that the Democrat party has been highly successful in portraying itself as the Party that cares about minorities in general, and Blacks specifically. Why would the GOP attract true racists and bigots? Think about it, if you were truly a White Supremacist, or just a racist/bigot in general, and the last thing you wanted was to see minorities succeed….when asked, which Party would you label yourself as? The one who claims to want to help minorities? So, for that reason I am willing to believe that today’s true racists/bigots would likely say they are Republican rather than identify themselves as Democrats. Does this mean that the GOP itself is a racist party? Of course not! We can’t stop the ignorant morons from believing the hype and claiming our Party.
The question remains: who is helping the minorities and who is hurting them? I know many likely thought America’s first Black POTUS would help the Black Community. Unfortunately, they are worse off today than when Obama took office. What govt. programs help the Black Community? Surely not EBT, HUD, AFDC(Welfare), Affirmative Action, or their ilk. Before Welfare was instituted the Black family was likely to be religious, strong family values, and actually very conservative, and stay together. In fact, most Black folks I know today are between conservative and ultra conservative in their ideologies, if you subtract public assistance from the mixture. They are religious to very religious, they believe in family helping family, they want govt. out of their lives, they are tough on crime, they are sickened by govt. overspending, they want lower taxes, etc. But, they still vote Democrat because the Dems have convinced them they need the liberal programs in order to help their communities rise above poverty. I, for one, can’t blame them for feeling this way as, over the last 50 or so years, the liberal policies have basically glued them where they are and keeps them there, with expert manipulation that tells them they NEED the Assistance. Since the 1960s Black single mother families has steadily risen: It is pretty amazing to see an increase from 20% of all black children living with a single mother in the 50s to over 50% in the early 90s. Think about that: over half of all Black children born in America are now born to single mother families. I am not here to say that more Blacks than Whites are on Assistance as it is irrelevant to this article. Whites were already so far ahead in advantages that Assistance is not yet destroying White families at the same ratio. It IS still destroying them though.
When Welfare and the others were introduced there was still a huge disparity in employment and wages/salaries between Whites and Blacks. What started out as a good idea ended up creating a vicious cycle for the Blacks. If you have a child with your woman, and you can’t find work because Whites are still favored, you have no choice but either don’t get married, or even split up, so Mom can take advantage of the Programs. Unfortunately, once in, it is difficult to get back out. Add to this the deplorable way our education system ignored for decades the rising drop out rates in the Black neighborhoods, the way the police just kind of let crime run rampant in these neighborhoods, and you have created a breeding ground for poverty begetting poverty. How to fix this?
Enter the liberal answer: Affirmative Action. Basically telling Blacks that they are inferior and can not be expected to perform the same as their White counter parts, therefore we must compensate for their shortcomings with putting them at the front of the line. I admit, AA did sound reasonable, at first. It was not fair for Blacks in the employment and higher education world, so, something had to be done, right? Well, if you have a Black guy and a White guy up for the same job, and the White guy scores higher in evaluations, but AA says you need the Black guy…what just happened? You have not only ticked off the White guy, and likely given him some unfriendly feelings towards Blacks, you have also put the Black guy in a position he may not be qualified for. Especially when dealing with higher education and scholarships and grants and such. If AA says that a college with high academic standards MUST accept a set number of Black students, even if they are scoring lower on their SATs…what have you just done to them? In many cases, you have just set them up to fail. Since pressure was being put on high schools to graduate more Blacks every year, you now have a whole system that is setting them up to fail, as, from K-12 they are just being advanced without actually being taught what they should know as general requirements. Does this mean Blacks are not as smart? Of course not! They are going to elementary and high schools where teaching is done in overcrowded classrooms, budgets are spent on security and maintenance rather than educational tools,and in order to meet the ratio of graduating students, they are being “passed” without being given the knowledge and skills they need to perform in college, or in life.
On top of underperforming schools, we also have the aforementioned problem of a majority of Black children growing up with single mother parent households. Which was brought on by the liberal Assistance programs in the first place. Add to that the fact that Blacks are more likely to be arrested, convicted, and sentenced to longer punishments than Whites, on top of the fact that the liberal programs have created many neighborhoods where a life of crime seems the only way out, and you have a very vicious cycle which only perpetuates the problems in an exponential manner in the Black neighborhoods.
Whenever a Republican dares to speak out against this cycle, or even a Black person (Bill Cosby, for example) who dares to say “Quit being a victim, strengthen yourselves from within” they are lambasted by the PC crowd (see last 3 articles) and labeled as racists or Uncle Toms. Ask yourself: Why would the Democrats pretend to want to help minorities yet keep pushing programs that harm them? I honestly don’t know. I refuse to think it is because the Dem Party is full of racists that want to keep them down, yet…..it does benefit them when Blacks are still living in inequality and they are able to convince them “A vote for us will help you” does it not? If that is their motivation, political power, I say “Shame on you!”
What are the answers? How can we truly help level the playing field and create equal opportunities for all? Sorry, I am not that smart, I honestly don’t know. I do know that Assistance programs are a huge failure and only exacerbate the problems. I also feel that Democrats in power will keep perpetuating these issues, whether because they actually believe these programs will work, given more time and money, or whether they realize their power comes from inequality and divisiveness. Either way, ask yourself: Are Republicans REALLY the racist Party?


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