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Celebrity Ages

I was looking at an article the other day and there was a picture of the beautiful Tina Turner, the article stated she was 73 years old. What????? No way, she is 73 I asked myself?  I got to wondering about other celebrities and what their real ages are. I looked it up. This is what I came up with. I will try and go by ages, youngest to oldest….


Kate Upton…20 (8/10/1992)

Amanda Bynes…26 (4/3/1986)

Lindsay Lohan…26 (7/2/1986)…I’m sorry, but She looks much older than 26. I guess all the partying has gotten to her.


Prince William…30 (8/21/1982)…. He is such a good-looking young man and an honorable military man. I think his mom would be very, very proud of him.


Gwen Stephanie…43 (10/3/1969)

LL Cool J…45 (1/14/1968)…I did not know his that the LLJ means, Ladies Love Cool James…

Halle Berry…46 (8/14/1966)

David Spade…48 (7/22/1964)

Charlie Sheen…48 (9/3/1965)

Johnny Depp…49 ((8/9/1963) Hard to believe he is going to be 50…..


Tom Cruise…51 (7/3/62)…Tom definitely ages well.

Michelle Pfeiffer…55 (4/2/1958)

Prince…54 (8/7/1958) He just hasn’t changed at all to me.

Mel Gibson…57 (1/3/1956) I love Mel, but he is just not aging well at all. I really thought he was older than that.

Denzel Washington…58 (12/28/1954) I just love Denzel and I try to watch everything he is in. He is a wonderful actor.


Kirstie Alley… (1/12/1951) I love Kirstie, but, it killed me to watch her that first season on “DWTS”. I don’t know how she ever made it as far as she did without collapsing… I was breathing hard for her. But, she did come through…Good for you Kirstie…..


Elton John…65 (3/25/1947…Elton has definitely been very entertaining over the years. Who else could get away with his fashion statement over the years? No one but Elton John……


Steven Tyler…65 (3/26/48) Oh Steven…It is totally time to lose that hair. You’re not 35 anymore and it looks silly at you age to leave it like this.


David Bowie…(1/8/1947) David looks really good for his age and his life style. Maybe he gave up partying long ago.


Keith Richards and Mick Jagger both turn 70 in December. These two go way back and it looks it. Although I thought Keith was ALOT older than he was. I thought he was already close to 80. The thing about these two are, they keep on going…Good for them…


Harrison Ford…70 (7/13/1942)…I love Harrison. My favorite actor, (besides John Wayne) of ALL time. No one can compete with him and he looks AMAZING for his age.


Martha Stewart…71 (No birthdate given) I have always loved Martha. I especially love her holiday shows. I don’t think there is anything Martha doesn’t know.


Raquel welch…72 (1940)….Beautiful sex symbol from the early years. She is just as beautiful and sex as ever.


Barbara Walters…83 (1929)…I found this so hard to believe that Barbara is 83. It just boggles my mind for some reason. I don’t know why.

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I am married, mother of 4 grown children and proud grandmother of 8. I believe in God and all he stands for. I was raised in church and raised my kids in church. I am a homemaker. I have worked out of the home before but now I do what I like to do which is read, James Patterson is my favorite author, as is Sandra Brown, and Heather Graham. I love mysteries and Im also a big paranormal fan. Anything on the paranormal I watch or read about. I especailly love to spend time with my grandkids. they definetly make me feel young.


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