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Unemployment is 7.7% … So Now What?

Unemployment RateThursday’s unemployment number was a bombshell. It was a bombshell not in the sense that it was an outrageously surprising shock. It was not a bombshell in that it was a cause to jump out of your seat and sing Happy Days Are Here Again. No, it was a bombshell in a sense that it unleashed a torrent of prognosticators, pundits, and so-called economic experts.

There were no shortage of interpreters and job geniuses lambasting or extolling the numbers. And lest we forget there was also the loud and vociferous fringe that squawks about how the government is cooking the numbers, leaving this out, shoving this in, and just plain outright lying about the figures … you know, because Obama is in charge.

When the numbers came I tweeted them. I posted them on LinkedIn and on Facebook. I didn’t waste time listening to the parsers. Why? Simple, the number has a very real bearing on the emotional state of our economy, and I knew it would make people feel good, and thereby perhaps push up the stock market. Well, it did that! Those savvy enough to capitalize in the moment made money.

Let’s be clear, and on this I brook no dissent, I don’t care how educated your are or how many degrees you have on economics, the truth is jobs are all about innovation and demand. That’s all it’s about, innovation and demand, and nothing else. Everything else operates as subsets of these to macro indicators.

All the statistics you can quote and all the numbers you may write on the white board mean nothing when it comes down to the brass tacks of economics, and that’s how people feel. Do employers feel confident that demand has increased sufficiently to hire more people? Do consumers feel confident enough to go out and spend money on stuff to increase that demand the employer is seeking? Has the demand generated enough revenue that the employer feels good enough to invest in R&D and innovate something new that may generate new demand and thereby an entirely new revenue stream.

Understand the underlying truth about our economy, as well as the stock market. It’s all about how people feel. It’s all about emotion. With sincere and critical understanding let’s go back to the 7.7% unemployment number and what it means for us everyday working people.

No matter what people may say to the contrary the number bodes well for the regular working American. Some demand may be off, but demand in some areas is most certainly seasonal. Step outside your front door and see what’s happening. Depending on where you are housing prices may be stabilizing or even going up. Supplies may be shifting supporting increased demand, and higher prices along with it. The need for people to do things in your area just may be increasing.

So … what does that mean for you, now what?

It means that you must be ready and wary. I can tell you now for a fact that I am constantly in contact with people who are not only looking for a job, but are LOCKING THE JOB! Let me make that very plain, especially for you doom and gloom people out there, THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR A JOB, DEMANDING TERMS AND ARE GETTING WHAT THEY WANT ON THEIR TERMS!

Pause … go back and read that last sentence again.

The job market is changing, and it is changing for the better. Are you ready for it? I will continue to push this message because deep down in my heart I want to see all of you succeed. I want to see all of you gainfully employed. I want you all to achieve Critical Success. And what is Critical Success?

Critical Success is the planned achievement of something urgent and essential utilizing careful planning and judgment for the express purpose of attaining personal prosperity.

In the 21st century job environment there will be those who can make demands and lock the job again and again. No matter what happens their skills will serve them well. In the IT field there is a shortage of skilled workers. However, competition for some jobs will be stiff. If you’re a .NET or JAVA developer you’re in the proverbial catbird seat and many of you know it. However, if you’re a Project Manager you just might feel like a generic brand on the shelf. I ask the question again, are you ready?

No matter your field of expertise, no matter what job you’re seeking, the 7.7% unemployment number is in line with what just might be happening all around you in your town. Innovation is on the rise and demand is increasing. This means the employers will need workers. This means hiring will increase. This means competition will increase. This means you must be ready to compete well before you even walk through the door.

That 7.7% number is good news for you, and very timely, if you’re ready. If you’re not ready, then you are behind. Stick with us at this blog as we continue the journey of Locking The Job. We will use 3FE: Find, Focus, establish the Fundamentals, Execute, The Tool For Motivational Empowerment in order to utilize critical thinking skills in our quest for the right job for the right person in the right time. Together, we will capitalize on the job numbers, and the changing economic environment. We will help each other. And my sincere prayer through this dialogue is that we will all achieve Critical Success.

7.7% my friends and fluctuating. Be ready.

The Aspiring Critical Thinker,
D.S. Brown

About D.S. Brown

Aspiring critical thinker, author, motivational speaker, prime motivator.


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