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Television shows that have been re-nwed or axed.

I recently came across a list of television shows that have either been renewed or axed. I will go over some of these. If I watch them, I might comment on them. If I don’t watch them, I won’t comment. Here goes my list….

NBC Shows…

NCIS… Renewed. I am not an avid viewer of this show, but when I do watch it, I enjoy it. I think they have a great cast of actors.

Animal Practice…Canceled

The Voice…Renewed

Next Caller…Canceled

Do No Harm. Canceled

CBS Shows…

Partner. Canceled

The Job…Canceled

Made in Jersey…Canceled

ABC Shows…


Last Resort…Canceled


The Americans…Renewed

Ben and Kate…Canceled

Mob Doctor…Canceled… I was shocked this show was canceled. I really liked this show and watched it faithfully every week. The cast was great and I thought it had a great story line. I’m hoping another network will pick this up. Please, please, please…..

Bones…Renewed… I have watched this show and I just love David Bereanz. Well, I loved him on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. I don’t like the lady who plays his love interest in the show. I see no sexual connection between them. I just think they could have found a better love interest for him.

The X Factor…Renewed

American Dad…Renewed


Family Guy…Renewed

Bob’s Burgers…Renewed


Arrow…Renewed…LOVE this show. Stephen Amell is sooo hot…. I watch this faithfully every week. Love all the characters on the show.

Supernatural… Renewed… Another of my favorite shows, love Jarod Padalicki and Jensen Ackles. They are great together and just make this show.

Emily Owens MD…Canceled

Americas Next Top Model…Renewed

Vampire Diaries…Renewed

Discovery Channel

Dirty Jobs…Canceled. I really liked this show with Mike Rowe. Now this man got dirty and he was funny doing it. At least he does voice overs for other shows like Ghost Hunters and Deadliest Catch.

American Chopper…Canceled. I have watched this show a few times and I was so tired of the dad and son constantly fighting with each other. I’m glad it’s over.


Leverage…Canceled…I have watched this a few times and what I saw, I liked.


Drop Dead Diva…Canceled




House of lies…Renewed





I didn’t put down every show I saw. Most of those I knew to be popular. There are some shows I didn’t see that I would have liked to see canceled. Here is a few of my choices…


Anything that has to do with Real Wives.

19 and Counting

Anything with Kardashians in it

Big Brothers


The View

The Talk

I’m sure I could think of more but these are my top picks. If I picked one of yours, sorry, but this is how I feel. Point is, if you don’t like a show, don’t watch it. I don’t. But I definitely stick with my favorite ones to the end.

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I am married, mother of 4 grown children and proud grandmother of 8. I believe in God and all he stands for. I was raised in church and raised my kids in church. I am a homemaker. I have worked out of the home before but now I do what I like to do which is read, James Patterson is my favorite author, as is Sandra Brown, and Heather Graham. I love mysteries and Im also a big paranormal fan. Anything on the paranormal I watch or read about. I especailly love to spend time with my grandkids. they definetly make me feel young.


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