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This week I am going to speak to you of some examples of Political Correctness (PC) you may not have considered. Let us start with obesity in America. PC has taught us that obesity is okay. It is now called “weight challenged” and we are told it is not the person’s fault they are overweight. Music videos sing about the bigger the booty the better. BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman. I am overweight myself, but I don’t want to ever think being a fat man is sexy. I recognize the problems we had with bulimia and anorexia nervosa before, but PC has taken us too far in the other direction. Forget about beauty and sexual attraction, think of the health risks that come with obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, etc. PC tells us, once again, do not worry about consequences, if it tastes good, eat it…and lots of it.

Now, all of a sudden, America is once again concerned with obesity! Michelle Obama made it her pet project. Michael Bloomberg is outlawing large sodas. We first idolize women like Oprah, Roseanne Barr, Rosie O’Donnell, then, when the Libs have us all fat, they turn around and say “You need the Govt. to regulate your food for you!” PC still says “Hey, if you are fat, it’s okay; it’s not YOUR fault. It is the fault of McDonalds and Coca Cola, and school lunches.” It is all a roller coaster of manipulation of society’s thinking, eventually bringing us justification for more Govt. control over our lives, and how we parent.

PC says “Don’t tell students they have failed, it will make them feel bad”. Guess what? They should feel bad when they fail! That is why it is called failure. I’m not talking about a kid who tries their best and still can’t pass, that signifies he/she is in over their heads and needs attention. But, the bars are set lower and lower all the time. PC wants kids to not even receive letter grades. Talk about a cookie cutter society. Unfortunately, once they enter the real world, failure is a very realistic option. We need to reward youth for achievement…period. If you work your tail off to get an A you should get an A, not a simple “pass” that is the same as the kid who didn’t study and got a D. This helps the Libs as they scream for ever increasing educational budgets. Why? Because when final testing time rolls around all these “pass” students cannot pass. Who do the teacher’s unions overwhelmingly donate to? In fact, the 2 teacher’s unions are consistently among the top contributors to…Democrats. They skillfully have used PC to convince society that the Republicans must hate your kids if they refuse to raise taxes for Education. Forget the fact that most of that money is wasted.

PC says “Don’t spank your child that is ALWAYS abuse”. PC has taught parents that it isn’t even their fault if the kid is in trouble; it is society’s fault for letting them down. PC tells us not to “stifle” a child. Let them wear baggy pants, get piercings and tattoos, and purple mohawks. Let them curse, and talk back to adults. Let them defy authority. Let them play violent video games and listen to music that tells them killing cops is cool. It’s just a phase.

When that child grows older and gets into drugs? It’s okay; they are just a victim and should be nurtured, not punished. You see, in this PC society, no one is ever at fault for their behavior. When that child now commits a crime? Not his fault, he had a rough childhood, (Ignoring the fact that PC created that rough childhood environment).  Build more schools and fewer prisons, sounds great, except, what do we do with all the criminals? Simple, free them and put them on parole, surely they have learned their lesson. If you doubt this, PC says you are uncaring and just want to lock up all the minorities. Why not actually address why minorities in ghettos turn to drugs and crime? Nope, PC says to even bring it up makes you a racist. Once again, all of this helps the Left as they continue to paint the Right as not wanting to help the minorities while the Left’s very own Programs keep them down. Which means? More Govt. and more control.

PC tells us that Christianity is bad. They are all uptight and just want to control your lives. If you dare to speak of “Christian Values” or the horrible “Family Values” you are simply attempting to oppress everyone else. Speak against a Muslim? Hate crime, go directly to jail, Piss on a Cross? That is art, man, and it is Free Speech. Remember Marcuse’s “theory of tolerance” people: “Complete tolerance of ANYTHING from the Left and complete intolerance of ANYTHING from the Right”. It is so bad that liberals often won’t admit to being a Christian. Make a video that mocks Mohammed? President Obama blames you for starting riots and getting our Ambassador killed by Muslim terrorists. Do a Saturday Night Live skit that mocks Jesus? You are a hero! How could this PC Think help the Liberals? Simple, the Cons are painted as some kind of overzealous Jesus freaks who just want to eradicate all non-Christians and take away your right to “if it feels good, just do it!” way of life.

PC has taught us that to speak against abortion is only possible from a super religious point of view, not simply a moral view or belief. To speak against it means you hate women. Period. It means you place no value on a woman as an equal human being to a man. Babies? No! They are “fetuses” or “zygotes”. It isn’t even abortion anymore as PC changed it to “pregnancy termination”, or even a simple “medical procedure”. All of this is designed to make it more palatable. PC says “terminate that little fetus, but how dare you execute a convicted child rapist/murderer”!

PC has changed our thinking, our actions, our views, our beliefs, our laws, our parenting, our education, our nation! It is NOT a laughing matter, and it IS dangerous! In fairness, Conservatives are not wholly innocent in using their own PC to make things more palatable but….that is another writer’s job to elaborate on that for you. I am undecided if I will continue this rant on colleges and the way PC has infiltrated them fully, or rant on something else next week. Tune in and find out.


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