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obama_christie_marineoneLet me be plain about this, I like Chris Christy.

I don’t agree with his overall approach.  I don’t think he’s on the right side of some of the issues.  However, I do admire his drive for results, and his desire to derive solutions … away from the knockout blow rhetoric he’s often so fond of.  But he’s a tough man in a tough state trying to make hard decisions to get things done.

The man’s approval rating is above 70 percent.  You really need to take a moment and digest that.  His approval rating for performing as the elected leader in a state with a democratically controlled legislature is above 70 percent.  Statistically speaking almost three quarters of the people in his state approve of the job he’s doing.  That’s absolutely outstanding.

And let me be clear, he is the kind of man I could support.  He maintains a pro-life stance but I will say this with a reasonable bit of certainty. His ideological position regarding abortion speaks to his personal perspective, but his actions seem to telegraph that any policy steps he might take on this front would remain minimal, and not violate the personal sanctity of women and their bodies in an inane attempt to dissuade, or actually tilt the playing field as part of an effort to overturn Roe v Wade.  Of course, I could be wrong.  Just my opinion.

I like Chris Christy.  I like the bluster, even though it rubs me a bit raw to see him go after teachers.  However, in my own life I have played the same role with family.  My wife is a teacher, I’m not. Teachers get touchy when you violate their space and start talking about what you think will work.  Still, I’ve found that with good teachers critical thinkers are always welcome, and as an aspiring critical thinker I think I can say I’ve been accepted into the ranks of those that can criticize.  Governor Christy accomplished the same thing with the force of a hammer.  Still, he got results … and he’s maintained his approval rating.

Governor Christy isn’t a religious fanatic, and yes I am implying that some people on the Right are fanatics.  Can there truly be any doubt?  Christy appointed a Muslim judge and suffered the wrath of his party.  When faced with the heated vitriol of those that are driving his party into ruin he stood firm, and called them exactly what they are, ignorant, and the argument about Sharia Law encroaching on American jurisprudence is crap.  Say it loud Governor Christy.

When hurricane Sandy battered New Jersey, Governor Christy welcomed President Obama with open arms.  He offered the President praise for his leadership during the crisis.  The Right-Wing immediately tried to crucify him.  How dare he offer Obama praise.  As a response to this utter nonsense Governor Christy did something that many of us who support the President are quite fond of when he does it.  He brushed his shoulders off.

Then, when Speaker of the House Boehner tabled the bill to offer storm relief for the victims of Sandy, the Governor was swift and biting in his commentary.  He gave the Speaker a thorough tongue-lashing.   The GOP Right-Wingers were up in arms.  How dare he break the code of solidarity and not stand behind the heartless compassionless-conservatism of his fellow Republicans and their front-man (not leader) in Congress, Boehner.

Then, on February 26th Governor Christy completely reversed course with regard to his stance on Obamacare.  He has thrown his weight behind the Affordable Care Act and will expand Medicaid in his state.  His rationale?  It’s just the smart thing to do.  He clearly is not a party man.  He is without a doubt, his own man.  And a man like myself holds this in high esteem.

For these affronts he has been labeled a fake conservative, a RINO (Republican In Name Only), a traitor, and far worse.  He has driven conservatives up and down the digital highways into fits of apoplexy.  Some are expressing what appears to be genuine and sincere hate.  It’s a damn shame.

This behavior of the considerably large tail wagging the GOP dog is clearly indicative of the continued ruination of the GOP party.  Compromise is a dirty word.  True so-called conservatives hold the line and believe with every fiber of their being that every liberal is retarded (no political correctness here), and all Democrats are communist, socialist, plantation masters hell bent on using black people as slaves in the anti-American machine.

These are not rational thoughts.

The people that will be speaking at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) includes a host of relevant and intellectually elevating luminaries such as Sarah Palin, Senator Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich, Allen West, Rick Santorum, Wayne Lapierre, and last but not least Mitt Romney.  This list of winners and intellectual heavyweights says volumes about the state of the Grand Ole Party.  They are not inviting Jon Hunstman.  Colin Powell will not be speaking.  There’s not even a hint of a Bush, any Bush.  Lastly, they are not inviting Governor Chris Christy, who in my humble opinion represents the absolute very best the Republicans have to offer.  Quite simply he is the future of the GOP, if they decide to embrace rational thought and truly want to continue to be relevant.

I’m not a Democrat.  I’m not a Republican.  I eschew the labels Liberal and Conservative because I believe they firmly divide us and serve to expand the ideological divide.  I believe in spirited debate and know the true value of positive conflict.  I know compromise is not a dirty word, in fact it’s one of the best words in the English language.  I also know I like Governor Chris Christy, and I think the GOP needs to wake up and learn to like him too, before the pass into obscurity.

The Aspiring Critical Thinker,

D.S. Brown

About D.S. Brown

Aspiring critical thinker, author, motivational speaker, prime motivator.


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