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The Beautiful (and not so beautiful gowns) worn to the Oscar Awards

How many of you out there watched the Oscar Awards? I didn’t. I find shows like that boring, but I am interested in the lavish gowns worn. Years ago, women knew how to dress for occasions like this. It was a show to see who was best dressed. And they were beautiful. I remember looking at pictures from long ago of all the beautiful actresses. Liz Taylor, Ava Gardner, Bette Davis, Lana Turner, to name a few. The gowns were lavish, the hair perfect, and all the expensive jewelry… A lot of actresses today just seem to throw on anything and forget the hair…. I looked at some of the gowns on-line and they had “hit” or “miss” buttons for you to choose which you liked. I picked out a few, how I voted and how the viewers voted. Here’s how I did…..

Charlize Theron…. I thought her gown was beautiful and elegant. Her hair was also cut very short and I like it. I picked “hit” on both the dress and the hair…Viewers said, 89% for the dress and 96% on the hair.

Brandi Glanville…Of Real Housewives and ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian, now married to Le-Ann Rimes. Her dress was horrible. I did like the bottom of the dress but I was sure hoping she had on some good double sticky tape to hold herself in. This dress was pretty raunchy. I picked “miss” on this and the viewers at 82% miss.

Jennifer Lawrence….”The Hunger Game”…. This dress was beautiful. So princess like. This was a Dior Haute Couture gown. There were 74 carats of Chopard diamonds sewn to the back of the dress. I picked “hit” and the viewers at 86% for the front of the dress and 93% for the back. So, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Too bad she ended up falling going up the stairs in this gown.

Anne Hathaway…I didn’t care for this dress. Too straight, no flow, and her nipples showed through the gown. I didn’t care for her hair either. I said “miss’, but viewers liked it at 56%.

Heidi Klum….Horrible. My first thought of seeing her in this made me think of a high-priced call-girl. There was way too much of the breast showing. I said “miss” and viewers agreed at 87% “miss”.

Kristen Stewart…. She arrived on crutches from a bad cut on the ball of her foot. I didn’t care for the dress, her hair looked dirty and nappy and very little make-up. I picked “miss” for both the dress, which viewers also picked “miss “at 57% and “miss” on the hair, which viewers picked ‘Miss” at 98%.

Jennifer Garner… I love her. She is so cute and innocent looking and a great actress. I didn’t really care for the dress, too much fluff in the back, but I did love the violet color. She also wore 2.5 million in jewelry. I picked “hit” and viewers picked “hit” at 74%.

Jennifer Aniston….She is another actress I think is beautiful. I loved the dress, “hit” and viewers also liked it at 88%.

Naomi Watts…Loved her dress. Very elegant. I said “hit” and viewers thought so to at 82%.

Nicole Kidman… Elegant looking dress. The dress was long and thin and the bottom was flowing. I said “hit” and the viewers did to at 69%.

There were many more dresses I could have commented on. I just like to see how I pick with the viewers. All in all, I didn’t do too badly. Try it for yourself. Go to the Oscars and view people on the red carpet. See how you rank….

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I am married, mother of 4 grown children and proud grandmother of 8. I believe in God and all he stands for. I was raised in church and raised my kids in church. I am a homemaker. I have worked out of the home before but now I do what I like to do which is read, James Patterson is my favorite author, as is Sandra Brown, and Heather Graham. I love mysteries and Im also a big paranormal fan. Anything on the paranormal I watch or read about. I especailly love to spend time with my grandkids. they definetly make me feel young.


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