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Daycare students trapped in adult bodies

Ever been to a poorly run day care? If you haven’t then let me give you a glimpse into what it’s like; kids are running around everywhere throwing toys and snacks at each other while they scream and yell at the top of their lungs. They constantly run into each other and with enough of wild kids they create a scene of chaos. Now, I know this may sound chaotic and a lot of you are probably thinking, “Thank god my high school student is out of that childish phase!” Are they really though?

I convinced you, my audience, into thinking I was describing a chaotic daycare didn’t I? I was describing my very own high school. Every day I cringe at the thought of having to wander through the halls when class gets out. Being a full time running start student I only spend one class at the high school and I only have to bare the hall ways when I get there and when I leave, but that little time seems like eternity when I’m walking through the halls with people that have yet to learn how to act in public. 

I will give some leniency to the freshmen. They have only just begun their high school experiences and they still haven’t had the light bulb moment where they realize that they are entering the real world now and it’s time to crack down to business. For the sophomores through seniors they really don’t have an acceptable excuse.

I shouldn’t have to cringe at the idea of walking in the hallways with my peers but when I do walk in the hallways I constantly have someone yelling in my ear to a fellow friend across the crowd or someone burping and gossiping loudly in front or behind me.

I think it’s about time that my fellow high school students need to realize that they are in HIGH SCHOOL now not still in daycare learning their manners. Come on guys you aren’t a bunch of kids still sucking on pacifiers and having your diapers changed. This stuff is all common sense but if you don’t use that common sense then they high school will remain looking like an unsupervised daycare. High school students need to learn to grow up and learn some manners.


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