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Let us start with the easy examples of some good PC (Politically Correct) such as changing postman to postal carrier, because women also perform this job, or flight attendant to replace stewardess since men also perform this job. Makes sense and seems harmless enough, right? I agree with these type changes, yet I am also aware that they have changed more than the words, they have changed a whole society’s way of thinking. Postmen were called that because it was thought of as a man’s job. Now, as postal carriers we don’t think twice seeing a woman bringing us our mail, or risking her life as a firefighter instead of a fireman. These are examples of places in society where we needed to change so these are good PC terms.
Before we delve into the bad and dangerous let us first see where Political Correctness comes from. It wasn’t even called PC before as that term in itself is PC! Though there are many examples of PC throughout history developing in any “civilized society” let us deal with the more present. It is a form of cultural Marxism. PC is being used to elevate certain groups in our acceptance while devolving other groups. Naturally the easiest target will always be the bourgeoisie or what is known today as “the evil, rich, white, Christian conservatives.” I am getting ahead of myself. Okay, let’s go back to 1923 in Germany (we could go further but I won’t for this article). Marxism wasn’t catching on like it was supposed to so Felix Weil, a wealthy German Marxist decides to start a “think tank” for Marxism. He endows an Institute associated with Frankfurt University that is originally to be called The Institute for Marxism. In the first act of PC for them it is changed to The Institute for Social Research. It later became known simply as The Frankfurt School. Without going into all the details, in 1930 the new Director, Horkheimer was a renegade Marxist and combined Marxism with Freudianism in order to make the transition of economic Marxism into cultural Marxism. Why is all this important to America today? Okay, here we go: they bring us Critical Theory, which is actually a theory to criticize. To change people’s thinking through criticizing that which they don’t agree with. Starting to sound familiar?
Many others join this group and then, in 1933 the Nazis came to power and shut down the Frankfurt School. Since every member of the group was not only Marxist but also Jewish they fled Germany. Where did they go? Most came to New York City, where they reestablished the group at Columbia University. They also infiltrated our government. Marcuse was a key figure in the OSS (CIA’s predecessor) and some other members moved to Hollywood. Many others stayed in Education here in America. They shifted their focus from Critical Theory aimed at German society to aimed at American society. In the 1960s Marcuse saw the student rebellions as his great chance to further his agenda. It was an opportunity to take the work of the Frankfurt School and make it the New Left here in America. One of Marcuse’s books was a key player “Eros and Civilization”. In it he brings us combines Marx and Freud to bring is theories that dwell upon how sexual repressions have led us into several hangups and neuroses that hold us back as a society. Mainly, of course, Capitalism is an oppressor. The message? Free yourself, do your own thing, if it feels good just do it! Marcuse is also the man credited with creating the phrase ‘Make love, not war”. The students of the 60s loved this new way of thinking. Don’t worry, be happy. Anyone who tells you what you are doing is wrong is oppressing you! Marcuse defined “liberating tolerance” as intolerance for anything coming from the Right and complete tolerance of anything coming from the Left.
In America today, for the first time in our freedom loving history, you not only have to be careful of what you say or write, you can not only be ostracized but even fired or jailed for “offending” certain people or groups. That is what I will dwell on in my next article, the true dangers of Political Correctness and the ways it has literally changed our thinking. You should probably buckle your seat belt next week as this ride will get rather bumpy.


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