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The Cowardly Character of Christopher Dorner

There is really no need to belabor this point beyond what is necessary.

However, this remains a critical thinking exercise if only to clarify the fact that we allow emotion and the dramatization of emotional lift from the plight of the anti-hero to cloud our judgment.  Only the light from the critical thinking mind can provide adequate illumination to break through the fog of purposeful stupidity that ties our desires for struggle and the ascension of the right and just to a person who is at best a terrorist and murderer … clearly there is no worst.

Christopher Dorner is a coward!

That is not a statement based on emotion, or filtered through some bias.  This is a factual statement based on the prevailing evidence.  And the evidence is irrefutable.  Christopher Dorner is not some sort of anti-hero.  He is not some kind of man fated to harsh circumstance, pushed into hardship through the evil will of men and the vagaries of a system under the control of freedom hating forces.  He is not to be pitied.  Any cause he may have created, any claim at righteousness, any call for justice and reformation of system, and dispelling of evil through light of good has been forever tarnished.

The change he could have engendered through proper recognition of his plight, no matter how charged his road of struggle may have been, quite possibly could have been the beginning of much sought after change in the California bureaucracy in general and the LAPD in particular.  However, his weak character and cowardly actions have put that possibility to the sword, destruction much like what he wrought through his pathetic weakness.  There may be some hope simply because what he has described in his ranting manifesto has garnered so much attention, but the facts of his cowardly fall into weakness and evil overshadows the justice he sought.

Let’s be clear, Christopher Dorner is low-down, low to the ground coward, no better than the men who crashed the planes into the World Trade Center.  This may sound overly emotional, but again it is but fact.  Let us clarify.

Like Al Qaeda, he had real concerns.  Like the men of Al Qaeda he saw and experienced injustice.  Like the men of Al Qaeda he knew his enemy, he saw his enemy, he took the measure of his enemy, and he decided to attack his enemy.  Just like Al Qaeda he assessed his enemy’s position and decided he could not attack them directly, but rather opted for asymmetric warfare.  However, just like any form of combat asymmetric warfare is executed in degrees.  Just like Al Qaeda, the family, friends, associates anyone connected with his enemy became justifiable targets.  It is at this point we find that the man has fled, only to be replaced by the coward, steeped in evil.

Only a coward awash in evil would think it acceptable to not kill the man with whom he had a grievance, but rather shoot this man’s child, his daughter and her fiancée.  But let’s add even more clarity.  Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence shared a love of basketball, discovered each other, and planned to share a life together.  This was not to be their destiny.   Monica’s father, Randal Quan was the first Chinese-American  captain in the Los Angeles police department.  Captain Quan later became an attorney, and found himself representing Dorner in his failed appeal to the Board of Rights regarding his dismissal from the LAPD.

Critical consideration is not required to see that only a mentally disturbed man would look at his lawyer, blame him for his failed appeal, and find justification in murdering his lawyer’s daughter, and her fiancée.  This is just evil … and the act of a coward.

I firmly believe in the seasons of humanity, that we will rise from one era to the next.  I firmly believe that redemption is a function of individual belief and that ultimate salvation rests firmly the hands of each one of us.  I firmly believe that one day we will realize the axiom: Human does not kill human.  However, that day is not today.  Today we wonder if the American psychopath Christopher Dorner sought the release of a bullet as flames engulfed the cabin in which he resided.  Today, many of us feel assured, despite our separate beliefs, that Christopher Dorner rests in a special place, a reserved seat in hell, at the right hand of that which he worshiped, whether he believed it or not.  Consider it critically

The Aspiring Critical Thinker,

D.S. Brown

About D.S. Brown

Aspiring critical thinker, author, motivational speaker, prime motivator.


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