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The State Of The Union Is Strong & Must Grow

In Tuesday’s State Of The Union address President Obama said the state or our union is strong, and he is our absolutely right.

The state of our union remains strong, and we have seen an economic resurgence across the board in America.  However, this resurgence of prosperity is by no means broad enough to constitute a strong recovery.  As with any boom and bust cycle we have clearly left the bust part behind and are assiduously working on the boom.  Unfortunately, as we are human, fractious, and ideologically divided, we are working just as hard against ourselves.

In truth, the lack of critical thinking and the desire to win for team continues to poison our debate, prevent compromise, and close off the possibility of resolving our issues.

In gauging the effectiveness of the President’s speech I think it is safe to say he did a good job.  The address is always about stating what has occurred, what’s good, and what the President would like to do.  In this instance he spoke about the direction the nation has taken in jobs, energy, education, healthcare, and debt/deficit reduction.

One must consider these areas with the critical thinking mind when deciding whether or not the President should take any credit for them.  Consider, he pushed for and put into effect policy and law that first stemmed the tide of the recession, then funded our larger economic infrastructure for stability, and then gave corporate America the necessary funding and support to rebound.  He caused this directly.  Then, he put forth initiatives that aided all the areas that I just mentioned in effort to bolster and build up the middle class.

It should not be an argument about whether or not he should or should not take credit.  He is our duly elected leader and he steered us in the direction that made progress in these areas possible.  Yes, it is a fact that his efforts may have been secondary, or even tertiary to the actual growth experienced in many of these areas, but the facts are clear.  Had he not stemmed the tide in the beginning, had he gone the path of Europe, and the Republicans, austerity and drowning the government to its smallest size, we would not be experiencing any resurgence in growth.

Those who are ideologically opposed and refuse to view the speech through the filter of critical thinking will say this entire speech was a repeat of old dead ideas.  They will say the President only wants to spend more money.  They will say that the President wants to raise taxes and ruin the economy.  They will say he wants to give money to more Solyndra like companies, I guess because he likes giving money away. They’ll say he wants to raise the hourly wage to kill small business.  They will in general say his entire speech is clearly about destroying America.

Of course, such a perspective lacks reason or rationality.  However, it’s fully understood.  They stand ideologically opposed and stuck in team mode, even if their team is neither Republican or Democrat.  They have been deeply socialized and are incredibly challenged in moving beyond ideology to logic.

I am neither Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative.  What I am is an aspiring critical thinker, and as such I strive to live by the hallmark of the critical thinker.  The hallmark of the critical thinker says that you seek to internalize and understand the perspectives of others, most especially when that perspective is diametrically or even violently opposed to your own.  If we do not rise to live and work by the mandate then we can’t close the ideological divide, and in order to elevate our politics closing the divide is absolutely essential.  Extremism has no point or purpose in critical debate.

I voted for this President and one of the main reasons he earned my vote he stated in his speech.  America expects compromise.  America expects its government to do what must be done to move forward.  Rational America expects actions, not obstruction.  The GOP would do well to actually start listening before 2014.  It is in their best interest.

The Republican response by Marco Rubio speaks volumes about what is irrational and broken in our dialogue.  I say we must all listen to each other and Senator Rubio clearly didn’t even listen to the State of the Union.  If he had, I would like to think he would have found it most appropriate to think and act rationally, and dismiss the speech he gave as totally arbitrary in light of the fact that all I did was highlight and support exactly what the President had just said.

If we are to elevate our politics and it is absolutely imperative that we must, then we must at long last move beyond the old tools and methods of power play, brinkmanship, and mass manipulation.  Though no one party holds sway over wrongdoing it is clearly the GOP that holds the reigns of obstruction and anti-Americanism painted falsely as patriotism.  The back and forth must stop.  We must hold them accountable.  We must teach them to abandon the extremism lauded by those in our commons who enjoy aggregating power at the expense of the people.

Consider it critically.

The Aspiring Critical Thinker,
D.S. Brown

About D.S. Brown

Aspiring critical thinker, author, motivational speaker, prime motivator.


One thought on “The State Of The Union Is Strong & Must Grow

  1. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and passion in your writing, but when you attack one side with words, without offering facts to back your statements up…which opens your writing up to scrutiny. But keep writing and good luck. Now….

    “America expects compromise”.

    America does not expect compromise. They expect to be left be able to work and live and die without the over-reaching impediments of government interfering in ever facet of their lives, deciding that the government knows better for them what to do with their lives and money more than they know themselves. That’s how America has grown and thrived since its inception.

    America expects its government to do what must be done to move forward”

    You must not know your history. Only until recently did Americans look to the government for solutions. And to “do what must be done” and “to move forward” is subjective rhetoric. Our Congress on both sides have proven to act with self-interest and self-preservation first and their ability to judge those things is severely lacking.

    “They will say the President only wants to spend more money” — No the GOP did not say this. Obama did in his own speech. Several times. C’mon — How do you expect him to run his programs that he pushed forth in the SOTU without money? That is why he has run trillion dollar deficits each year he has been in office — because he spends money.

    They will say that the President wants to raise taxes (and ruin the economy) — No the GOP did not say this. Obama did when he said he needs more revenue in his SOTU…which, if you know anything about classical economics, will understand the Laffer Curve and that at some point, too much tax will lead to less revenue because people stop spending. Check out what happened in England last spring when they hiked taxes above 50% for the highest earners — they were SHOCKED that less money came in and had to repeal the taxes within six month…because their economy was faltering with less revenue. Higher taxes will eventually ruin the economy.

    They will say he wants to give money to more Solyndra like companies, I guess because he likes giving money away — No the GOP did not say this. Obama did when he said he wanted to continue to invest in wind and solar energy –which means investing in companies like Solyndra WHICH WENT BANKRUPT. There were several that were the recipients of his cherry-picked investments, which is also called “crony capitalism” . Taxpayer are tired of the President gambling –and losing — with their money. Millions of taxpayer dollars just..gone. poof. Think of what could have boosted the economy if you totaled those sums up and gave it back instead to every household in the form of mortgage or debt relief or tax rebate — that would’ve boosted the economy better than some darn solar panel!
    I could go on but instead I will direct you to one of the other writers on here regarding the SOTU speech.

    Posted by Corrie | February 16, 2013, 8:00 am

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