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The Embarrassment of Obama, is an Embarrassment to The United States

531968_488460821211189_737039701_n      Brad Merriman/Editor-in-Chief:  Seems Republicans, still sore over the landslide victory in November by President Obama, are still releasing juvenile pictures of Obama with a Pinocchio nose, Obama with baby killer coming out of his mouth, and a the latest, shows Obama’s ‘change’ emblem next to the Nazi Swastika, comparing Our country to Nazi Germany.  Do Republicans not realize how bad this makes our country look?  Comparing the leader of the greatest nation in our world, to the likes of a murderous villain like Adolf Hitler?   What is the point here?  What is the end game Republicans are hoping to achieve with these childlike antics?  They have shown they are poor losers, and whiners that’s for damn sure.

Recently I came upon a Facebook page named ‘Impeach Obama 2013’.  It had 45,000 likes, and a few circle jerks about Obama and his Pinocchio nose pictured.  Several posts depicting Obama with a  lion outfit with a quote ‘Lyin King’, a poll from November 1st saying Romney was ahead by 2%, which was never the case.  Each post calling for the impeachment of our president.  Each post making America look bad, exposing the infighting and garbage that has been the root cause behind why Obama has had to use his EO so many times, if he didn’t, nothing would ever pass the House.

In past articles I have spoken of what our country would be like if we rallied behind our president instead of ‘Trumping’ up reasons to impeach him.  We would be unstoppable; we would finally be the role model for this world about what Democracy means for the survival of a nation, what it means to work together instead of dividing.  Everyone thinks this starts with our politicians, wrong, it starts with you.  You vote these politicians into office, you vote a congressman or woman into office from a region who contributes to these juvenile pictures, and calls for the impeachment of a president who, I don’t think, has ever broken a law in his life, then this congressman or woman will take your Rhetoric to Congress with him or her.  These representatives are your puppets, their job is to bring your concerns, and the concerns of your neighbors, to the federal level.  If they don’t make you happy, then they will not carry another term, it’s that simple.

Am I just talking?  Is this just liberal blablabla with no light at the end of the tunnel? No, I have a point and a solution.  Instead of starting Facebook pages calling for the impeachment of a president, start one that calls for his support.  ‘People of _____County Illinois support President Obama’.  Rallys that stand behind our president, not against him.  Letter writing campaigns to your congress rep calling for the support of Obama.  If any congress rep received a sudden flood of letters and other shows of support for Obama, they would have to take notice.

In closing, instead of blaming the politicians like is the usual, lets blame ourselves, the voters, the citizens, this all starts with us, we are the puppet masters for our government.


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