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A (long) Response to the American White History Month

Hello again, AWHM. I see that I struck a nerve with you people. I will admit, I did get a little carried away in my last post outing you, so I felt that this Week’s Article should be focused on you and address any problems you had in last week’s article along with some minor critiques about your page from a fellow white “brother”. Also, if you are not from the American White History Month, but are reading this, please continue. You will definitely get something out of this as well, that will give you a new perspective on the US.

First, allow me to reintroduce myself (although you could just read my other article, “Assault Bans: Bullcrap!” for a better introduction) Right off the bat, I am in fact WHITE, although I prefer the term Aryan, because that’s the most accurate description of my ethnicity. My heritage hails from Non-Latin Western Europe (mainly Germany, France, Scandinavia, and British Isles) My heritage does not come from anywhere in the Caucasus Mountains, where the new term for whites, Caucasian, comes from. If you are of the same heritage as me, be proud to be Aryan, just don’t have pride over any other ethnicity.  I am NOT a liberal; Rather I’m a Libertarian, like Glenn Beck, and more so, Penn Jillette. Neither am I a journalist or go to journalism school. I go to the University of Central Florida. I work for Lucas Film as a Sequence Writer and took up writing for the American Complaint Department as a hobby to get my opinions out into the world. You see, I might not be a journalist, but I am a philosopher and thinker. I contemplate the world around me nearly every day and how we affect it every day. I also see Obama as being a threat to our way of life and freedom; However, I also see him as simply a Man: Not the Antichrist or the son of Hitler. He believes he is helping America, and although I disagree with him on how he is changing it, I do RESPECT him as the President of the United States and as a real person. He has a tough job and few of you could do better. That being said, I AM NOT A SUPPORTER OF OBAMA, just a guy who sees the good in all people. I am also not a Socialist, Communist, Fascist or any other “evil-sounding” labels that barely any of you know the correct definitions of. I am a Social Capitalist, which may sound like socialist, but far from it. My definition is that Corporations and Businesses should take a more proactive role in helping the community and the world VOLUNATRILY, not through force of the government or under government ownership. A selfless economy, which is really just a dream, but an optimistic dream which I hope to at least bring to the company I start. I am however an Atheist, and have science as my cornerstone of life, rather than relying on some ancient text based on myths and tall tales to control the populace.  The other nice thing about Science is that even if you don’t belief in it, it’s still there, working uniformly constant, unlike God, who apparently is quite flexible when it comes to laws of nature and the world. Also, sorry if my grammar and spelling isn’t 100% correct. I’m a writer, not an editor. I don’t get why people don’t understand that!

Now to defend my previous article. Many of you criticized that all my information was opinion based, which is sort of true. I did use some opinions in the article, but most were fact up by stone cold facts. Allow me to summarize the middle three paragraphs and clear things up. (1 Obama is NOT a Muslim. At all. Ever. At any time. The supposed evidence behind this is completely false. Obama’s ring has NO ARABIC TRANSCRIPTION. It’s just a two swiggly lines, which resembles Aztec art more than Arabic art. Also, if there is an Arabic transcription, apparently it is unreadable to even Arabic speakers, who are fundamental proof that it is not Arabic. Also, the “tape” that shows Obama admitting he is a muslim has been unanimously proven fake, and unless your brain dead, you can hear the clear cut between “I am a/Muslim.” As for his name and heritage, he does have muslim blood. Much of Africa is Muslim, so it makes sense that his heritage would be muslim. His father WAS a muslim but became an confirmed atheist by the time he met Obama’s mother, another atheist. They were then divorced by the time Barack Jr was two year, then Ann Durham married an Indonesian NON PRACTICING muslim. Yes, Obama grew up in Indonesia for much of his childhood, and Indonesia has more muslims than anywhere else on Earth, but that doesn’t make him an automatic muslim. Heck, Obama would be going against the first Pillar of Islam by NOT submitting fully to ALLAH. You see, Obama is both baptized and spent a great deal of his adult life attending the Trinity United Church of Christ led by Rev. Wright. Sure, its not the BEST example of a Christian church, but a least they preach Christian beliefs. (If the Westboro Baptist Church is a Christian church, then so is TUCoC.) For him to be those things, he is in direct conflict with the first Pillar of Islam. Also, he is in conflict with the 4th and 5th pillars, which is to fast during Ramadan (where there are pictures of him eating lunch and drinking liquid during this period) and going to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which he wasn’t yet, even though being president is the greatest excuse to go there. If he is a Muslim, he’s really sucks at being one! Now all this is not to say that Obama is certainly our most muslim friendly president we’ve had and he is definitely helping the Muslim Brotherhood and islamist agendas. Still, not a muslim (and let’s be honest, its much much more likely he is a secret atheist. Think about, if you have the ability to…). (2 He was born in the United States! You can whine and nag about all you like, its not going to change the FACT he is a US born citizen. He had to verify it to the electorate before running for election. John McCain, however, was not born within the United States, but on US soil. Let’s look on the Brightside. Obama at least admits he is a Democrat, unlike Mr. McCain. He’s a natural born citizen. GET OVER IT AND STOP BEING BABIES ABOUT IT! (3 He is not the worst president the US ever has. Here are some simple Superlatives: President with the worst foreign policy: Jimmy Carter, President with Worst Interior Policy: James Buchanan (he sat and watched as the US split in half in 1860), President most like a Dictator: Woodrow Wilson, President who did the most to promote socialism: FDR (The New Deals has done more to socialize America than Obama has ever done)Worst Presidential Values: JFK (Clinton came close, but no one had more affairs than Jack Kennedy), Most Corrupt: Warren G Harding, and just overall Worst President: William Henry Harrison (It’s my opinion, but he only spent 32 days in office before dying. He did absolutely NOTHING constructive during that time. Therefore, WORST PRESIDENT!) Actually, I’ll correct myself. Jefferson Davis is the Worst President of all time.  He was a corrupt and cowardly southern so bad he’s not even recognized as an actual President! You also fail to see that Obama is NOT the problem with our Govt. He is merely the puppet to sell you radical left policies. The real problem with our Government lies with Congress.  If you don’t believe me on any of this, here is citation on these topics: Obama a Muslim? http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_barack_obama_muslim.htm Obama’s ring http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/weddingring.asp Obama admits to muslim faith http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/foxvideo.asp  Historical rankings of Presidents (some of you are going to say they are liberal, but notice that Abe Lincoln is #1. Also Wikipedia is a display for this; I’m citing the notes and citation at the bottom, not Wikipedia itself.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_rankings_of_Presidents_of_the_United_States

Let’s get to the main purpose of this article. Firstly, this first part is directed towards AWHM’s Admins, while the latter part of this is directed at the actual reader and commenters of AWHM (Note: I realize that there are SOME followers that are sensible and reasonable and don’t adhere to the racial intolerance AWHM promotes. Such criticism is not directed at YOU,but the other ignorant people on AWHM, who appear to be 85% of AWHM readers). I will start by praising you for standing up against Obama and the Radical Left, because they are the biggest threat to the freedoms in our country and are actively changing us into a Federal Government instead of a Democratic Republic. I also appreciate that you are willing to stand up against the racism the other “races (as you like to call them)” have for white people, because someone needs to, as we are some of the most discriminated people in the US now. I’ve always been a proponent of helping white people regain the noble reputation we once had and ending the unfair policies the government has installed to help “equality”.  I’ve always found “Black History Month” to be ridiculous, just like how fellow thinker and actor, Morgan Freeman does too. It’s a travesty that we raise some races above others instead of seeing that we are all the same. I also believe you genuinely created this page to promote White History and give white people a place to where they won’t be discriminated and that you do respect and promote African American leaders like Herman Cain and Col. Allen. However, you are NOT helping white people; you’re only slinging more on our “race”. You do not honor our heritage and embarrass our forefathers by perpetuating the myth that we humans are split into different races instead of just one, Homo Sapian. While you may not do it yourselves, you DO just sit at the sidelines and watch as the real ignorant racists spread hate and promote white supremacy. Some of your posts are simply race bait to bring out these racists and help them spread their disgusting beliefs to other ignorant and weak minds. You allow racism and intolerance to grow while fighting reason and rationality where ever it’s found. You are the socialists of Racism. Socialism is the process of bringing down the rich and hard working to help the poor and lazy; for the same reason, you bring down the intelligent, sensible, and best among our “race” to promote the stupid, ignorant and worst of our “race”. Your target demographic should be the smartest and wisest among us; the ones who can actually solve the our racial problems and are intelligent enough to see between the lines of race and politics; the ones that want to end Black History Month and other such “politically correct” programs and create a month that celebrates American History, which I feel would be much more appropriate for your Facebook page to promote. Instead you put the rational and common sense thinkers down to pander to the arrogant, racist, and ignorant, all who are probably genetically inferior thanks to a history of incest in their family line. (That’s right, because your ethnicity or skin color doesn’t make you inferior to others; you’re genes do!) Racism is never good whether you’re black, white, yellow, or purple. Just because one group is racist to your group doesn’t give you the right to counter with racism. Don’t get me wrong, we all enjoy some racism when it is in good taste and good humor; I’m not going to fault you for some racist jokes, but you people take racism to an all new level. YOU are the ones controlling the minds of the people; feeding them half-truths/lies about the world around them so you can manipulate them.  Your audience is a made up of extreme right wing outcasts, backwoods rednecks, god fearers, science illiterate, the remnants of the Tea Party who didn’t jump over to the Libertarian Movements, Nationalists, conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, Neo-Nazi’s and Holocaust deniers (proof of last two: Read the comments below pic http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=248357948632018&set=a.142495135884967.28733.141145602686587&type=1&theater&notif_t=photo_reply)  This is your REAL demographic. Feel proud to have the most pathetic among whites as you audience?

Not only are your followers out of whack, but you’re beliefs are as well. You’re stuck in the 1950’s, where everyone was Christian, we had a booming economy, no one was gay, and muslims were a world away. Oh and we {The USA and mostly white government} treated Blacks were treated as animals, women were repressed and discriminated, Hundreds of people lost their jobs thanks to the House Unamerican Activities Committee headed by Joseph McCarthey, we unethically put the fascist Vietnamese President Ngo Diem into office “to protect the world from Communism”, our economy was only booming because he leveled all the countries that could compete back in World War II. Not the White History you like to remember, right? Well, that’s the thing; History goes both ways, bad and good. I only hope that the AWHM is also willing to show the good white history along with the bad white history, or are you going to censor yourselves, like you have already with your posts. You praise crazies like Alex Jones, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent and abhor all things even associated with socialism, yet freely use the Internet, Karl Marx’s wet dream; A place where all information is instant and free to the masses and can’t be censored. You also fail to see that all our forefathers were LIBERAL thinkers. Yes, the term “liberal” is much different back then than it is today, but you still try to make them sound like they are mentally retarded, which is far from it. Most of these “liberal elitists” are college graduates who have proof of their academic achievements with their degrees. Most of you didn’t get past high school! All your opinions and news come straight from a two thousand year old book based on a myth of an invisible sky man (the Bible if you didn’t get the hints), Fox News, and sometimes the Blaze when it helps you push your agenda. You have no idea how the world works around you! While I’m against most forms of socialism, I can understand having some forms. I’m sure you’re happy enough with your socialized Water, Power, Internet, Phone, cable, Police, Firefighters, and Hospitals. You also seem to have the strange belief that America is solely a Christian nation, founded by God, and used the Bible to write its laws, instead of a nation founded by Man, where all may practice how they chose, and laws based on common sense against tyranny. You fail to remember that Christians, Muslims, and Jews all fought for the freedom of this country. Heck, Thomas Jefferson was an Atheist (technically a deist). God doesn’t even become a true part of this country until the 1900s. You also perpetuate the myth that all muslims are terrorists. Ironic seeing that we (the American colonists) were the first “terrorists”. The British described our activities as Terrorism to the Crown. Of course, what we did pales in comparison to what the French did during their revolution, where the word really gains its popularity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud and happy about what our ancestors did and sacrificed to help create America; I’m just pointing out the irony. The other great verse you people love to use is to ironically call yourself “infidels” to show your opposition of Islam. You have no idea how truly ironic this is. You see, Infidel is Latin, not Arabic, and means “Unbeliever”. This was used first by the crusaders back in the 11th century. Today, muslim jihadists use “infidel” to mock Christians whose ancestors unjustly attacked them back then. I will support you that there are muslims that are actively trying to destroy our way of life and install their radical form of Islam, BUT NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE LIKE THAT! Most muslims are fine, peace loving people like any other religious group. Indonesia has more Muslims than anywhere else on Earth and Indonesians are super peaceful, to the point that Al Qaeda attacked them for not being part of their Global Caliphate plan. Again, not all muslims are bad people. Yet the followers of AWHM sit atop their ivory towers screaming that all muslims should be killed, exterminated, or should be kicked out of the US, all  eerily reminiscent of a certain german dictator. They persist to say that all muslims want to do is kill people who don’t believe the same fake sky person they do. So, Christians, let’s look at your history shall we? Christians spend two hundred years being bullied by the Roman Empire, then become accepted and decide to kill or convert all the pagans they can find, then groups of Christian barbarians sack Rome, creating the Dark Ages (FUN FACT! While Christians were busy devolving, burning books and scrolls, killing eachother, and being controlled by the Church, Muslims were philosophizing, researching the stars, creating algebra, studying biology and physics, like chemistry, and making a fortune off the Silk Trade.), then decided that why fight eachother  when they can join together and reclaim the Holy Land, which the Muslims had, start the crusades, rape and pillage their way to the Holy Land, massacre muslims for no reason, fail utterly, retreat back, invade again, hold the holy land for a while, then get defeated and fall back to Europe, go back to killing each other, while studying the arts and sciences that they stole FROM the muslims, use it to bring upon the Renaissance, begin to rediscover the world around them, Church decides this is counterproductive to them controlling the people and start to declare any scientists who discover anything contrary to the Bible heretics, and burn them at the stake, Martin Luther gets fed up with that and makes his own church, Catholics try to kill him and his followers, other groups split from the Lutherans, Lutherans try to kill them, civil war breaks out throughout Europe, some people decide to travel to the New World and practice their religion peacefully, same people kill the natives for practicing a religion different to theirs, more people come and encroach on the Native’s land, countries and colonies are established on new land, back in Europe, Protestants and Catholics remain at each other’s necks, however are able to work together enough to make it through the 18th and 19th centuries with little religious centered conflict (except to jews), then the 20th century comes, Hitler (a Christian) gets quicked out of Art School, blames jews, becomes Furher, systematically kills 6 million jews, along with 6 million from other groups, Pol Pot (a catholic/Buddhist depending on which source you get it from) kills Cambodians, Christian Hutus kill muslim Tutsis, Christian Serbs kill Muslim Albanians, Timothy McVeigh blows up a building in Oklahoma City, and Anders Behring Breivik kills Leftists and tries to start a “new” crusade against Islam. (deep exhale. That was quite the run-on sentence) I’ll give a conservative estimate that at least 45 million people have died in the name of (Christian) God, while maybe, and I’m being quite liberal with this estimate from the sources I looked at for the history of Islamic terrorism and violence, that only two million to four million people have been killed in the name of Allah since the beginning of the Ottoman Empire (and a good portion of that didn’t even occur in the Middle East but in Darfur, Sudan). Not exactly the brave crusaders of justice you thought you were, Christians, right? Goes against everything you’ve been taught before, right? Well that’s history and it’s all documented.  Too just add some salt to the wound, Allah and God are very much the same person, just interpreted in different ways. Allah literally translates to God in Arabic, so Arabic Christians pray to Allah, not God. And yes, there are Arabic Christians, especially in Palestine. In fact, out of Middle Eastern Arabs (not including Afghanistan and Pakistan and not including Egypt  and the rest of Northern Africa) that only 65% of people living there are Muslim. Christians make up 22% and the rest is mixed between Jews and Atheists. Of course, none of that really matters since they are all based on the fictional writings from ancient scrolls about a supposed “all mighty invisible man in the sky”.  Killing seems to be a core principle of Christianity, which explains why a lot of you nutjobs love to promote violence against those who do not follow the exact same philosophy in the comments. “Kill all the Muslims” “Kill all the Blacks” “murder the Mexicans” Annihilate all the Liberals” “execute all the queers” “Destroy the Jews” “Let’s Start a Civil War” “Assassinate Obama” all seem to be frequent comments among the ignorant followers of AWHM. These comments seem to be more Nazi and Neanderthal like than Christian like in character.(which actually only helps proof evolution. Thank you for helping us find the missing links( your user base) AWHM!) Jesus frowns on all of you from Imagination Land.

So, let’s face it. You are among the last of a dying party: Republicans. The Republicans, who were once noble, majestic and great representatives of our Nation, are now old, out of touch, corrupt, and the laughing stock of society. The times have left you in the past and  you’re are standing on your last legs, so now the People are approaching to finally put you down. However, from your ashes will Rise the Libertarians, a new party to take up the space you left behind. What is that exactly? Well for the most part it a party of “Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative” people. Don’t be let down about the “Liberal” part because there are fair amount of Conservatives who are libertarians as well. You see, we have both strong conservative thinkers, like Glenn Beck and Ron Paul, and Strong Liberal thinkers, like Penn Jillette and Noam Chomski however we all mainly agree on the same things. Unlike the Republican party, we don’t discriminate against gender, ethnicity, or belief; We welcome blacks, whites, Hispanics, muslims, Christians, gays and women with equality, because we realize that we are all equal human beings. (Also here’s the big secret. People like Herman Cain, Allen, Rubio, and other “tea party” people are all libertarians who are just using the power still left in the Republican Party to spread their ideas. You still have Palin and Bachman though. So congrats! You can proudly say that the two stupidest women in the world are Republicans!) However we are all united under one goal: To reduce the power of Government in America and fighting against the Federal Machine. We cut through the Govt BS and get down to what matters most for the freedom for our Nation. At the same time, we don’t support the same crap the Republicans force down our throat, like a Nation under God and “Christian” values. Our gods are Science and Ingenuity because they are physically present and REAL, unlike Mr. Elohim Allah Christ. Science can be proven through the Scientific Method; not by blind faith and tales from an ancient story book. “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it”-Neil deGrasse Tyson. We [Libertarians] understand that science isn’t some sort of Liberal Propaganda and that it is based entirely on rock solid facts. (There are some scientific theories that are obscured and dramatized to push liberal agendas, but none of these are truly backed by science. Also, Evolution is not one of those Liberal backed theories) The Constitution is our Law Book, not the Bible. We are pure Capitalists, against socialism. We stand united to protect all Americans, fight against Big Government’s takeover of our country and civil liberties, promote capitalism and self-sufficiency, and restore the true meaning of the American Dream. We see that there IS a gray area in politics where we can compromise and differ in opinion, not just black and white poltics that you are force fed to believe from both the liberal and conservative media. We see that neither the Left nor Right is truly right and that the best possible solution is to work together to better our way of life and freedoms. So let’s make a deal AWHM. Give up your retarded and outdated view of America, get on the lifeboats and join us on the USS Libertarian, or remain on the rusted and sinking USS Republican and drown in the Sea of Ignorance. Your Choice. Also, here is a little Video for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0vlrTVC2tQ

I understand that all you want to do is bask in your ignorance of the world, make racial comments on people you don’t agree with, Praise God for your own deeds, and possibly sleep with your relatives, and just stick your fingers in your ears and not be bothered by what the “World” has to say. I mean you aren’t the only filthy despicable racists. Black Power and other pages are equally racist or worse than AWHM. However, as a white man myself, I feel that it is my responsibility to out you as the filthy trash you are. ALL RACISM IS BAD, whether it is directed at whites or at blacks. Doing the same thing as the other racial groups doesn’t make you even and justified; it just brings yourselves down to their level of intolerance. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Your goal is to cause racial separation, not racial unity like most respectable humans. You further the myths of “Christianity being the Beacon of Morality” and “Only the Right is right”. You let the wounds of intolerance and ignorance fester into a vile sickness on your page, corrupting the minds of all that read them. I know that you’re probably thinking that I AM the one’s whose brainwashed. However it is the opposite. I go out and explore the world around me, seeking knowledge and wisdom about the issues that affect us today, and try to see things from all perspectives. YOU just sit in front of Fox news and AWHM while they manipulate you into thinking one side is always wrong and don’t seek new knowledge because you’re afraid it will corrupt you. You people are what the other ethnic groups laugh at and make fun of whites for. You are the people dragging white heritage and white pride through the mud and dirt. You are the people truly bringing down the white “race”. You are an Embarrassment to Ronald Reagan; An Embarrassment to Glenn Beck; An Embarrassment to your “God”. But Most of all, YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO WHITE PEOPLE! Sadly, I also realize that probably half of you are illiterate (means you can’t read and comprehend {Understand} writing) and won’t get the message this article brings. It’s a shame, because you might learn something, you ignorant, disgusting bastards of our noble [Human] Race.

Jesse Miesen

Writer, philosopher, American, Human (who just happens to be white)

PS: If you feel like you want to compliment me or have a bone to pick with me, feel free to comment! I will make an effort to answer everyone with a response. Also, Besides my work, you will find that there are also many great writers and journalists on here as well. Just go to the topic bar and click “News and Politics” and you’ll find that there are Liberal, Libertarian, and Conservative people with their take on the world around them on a wide variety of topics. Go and check them out! Furthermore, we have a Facebook page too! We are one of the few FB pages that is pretty unbiased as we have both Liberals and Conservatives debating the topics of the day. Join in on the fun at https://www.facebook.com/theamericancomplaintdepartment?fref=ts and let you voice be heard!


15 thoughts on “A (long) Response to the American White History Month

  1. Dude sure has a chip on his (her) shoulder. Writing such a string of abpolgetics in a huge sign of defensiveness. Usually people who are so defensive are frightened that their position is WRONG.

    Posted by Cay Raymond | February 10, 2013, 7:26 pm
  2. Well put!!!!

    Posted by Monika | February 10, 2013, 7:32 pm
  3. Hiya! I know this is kinda off topic however , I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in trading links or maybe guest authoring a blog post or vice-versa? My website covers a lot of the same topics as yours and I believe we could greatly benefit from each other. If you happen to be interested feel free to shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you! Terrific blog by the way!

    Posted by Lessie Smuin | February 20, 2013, 12:34 am
    • I dont want to Ban American History. I dont even want to ban AWHM, it was jsut a article targeted at them and their bigotry

      Posted by teacko | February 28, 2013, 11:46 am
      • Teacko–please read the original comments posted on the AWHM page. This group is in clear violation of the Facebook Statement of User Rights and Responsibilities. For that reason alone, this group and its violent hate-filled racist members should be banned from the site. It is not enough to write articles “targeted at them and their bigotry.” At some point, conscience, morality, and decency should dictate that you take more direct action.
        Thank you.

        Posted by Doozer | March 1, 2013, 9:19 pm
      • I support the First Ammendment. Although FB is a Private company and doesnt have to abide by constitutional protections, I still personally feel that it is they’re right to they speak their minds, even if spit out bigotry garbage.

        Posted by teacko | March 2, 2013, 1:29 pm
  4. Teacko–we ALL support the First Amendment. Without it, we wouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place.
    Without it, THIS page wouldn’t exist. Without it, Facebook and the A.W.H.M. page wouldn’t exist.
    The issue is one of Facebook’s non-compliance with ITS OWN clearly worded Statement of User Rights and Responsibilities:


    3) Safety
    6. You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user.
    7. You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.
    10. You will not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.
    12. You will not facilitate or encourage any violations of this Statement or our policies.

    The moderators of the A.W.H.M. page have become increasingly reactionary in their postings, and the Facebook administration must hold them responsible for the vulgar violent threatening racist comments left by their readers.
    Hate speech is an ABUSE of our First Amendment rights.

    Posted by Doozer | March 2, 2013, 8:35 pm
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