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In Defense of President Barack Obama

downloadPresident Barack Hussein Obama is the target of much hatred to conservatives everywhere. This is far from a surprise, as it’s only natural that the opposing party would be against the president. I’m no fan our president either. He and his fellow democrats have done terrible things for our country and are sending us in the wrong direction. I could talk endlessly about this topic, but there are many people who already do it for me. That is not the point for this article. What I’ve noticed is that, despite all his faults, President Obama gets a lot of unneeded crap from conservatives; stuff that is NOT true and is pure bullcrap to undermine him as a person.  I’m here to address those lies and defend the president for the man he is, not the man the conservative media want him to be.

Let’s start with the most ridiculous claim; That Barack Obama is some sort of evil prophecy from several religions/”wisemen” like Nostradamus. As absurd as this may sound, I hear this frequently from many supposed “experts” who see the prophecies in Revelations, last book in the New Testament. As someone who’s read the Bible cover to cover seven times, I don’t see the connection. The Bible is full of vague prophecies that could mean a myriad of things or people. But those claims don’t end there! There’s also the claim that he is the grandson of Adolf Hitler or is the black clone of him. This is obviously incorrect, but the reactionary Right crazies seem to differ.

The equally crazy claim is that Obama is a secret Muslim. This is a claim that is not backed up anywhere in his life, except his name. Barack HUSSEIN Obama does sound very Arabic, but this is due to that much of Africa is Muslim and use Arabic names. I will say that it is a fantastic miracle that a man named similarly to two evil Islamic (extremist Sharia-Law Muslim, not regular peaceful Muslim) bastards, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, could even be elected at all.  Also, if you look at Obama’s life, you’ll see that he has been consistently Christian for most of his time. Sure his church was led by a radical white-hating preacher, Reverend Wright, but it was still a “Christian” church. I would still contend whether Obama is a true Christian or just a faux-christian who’s actually an atheist, but he certainly is NOT a muslim. That’s not to say that he certainly HELPS radical islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood, but until he actually comes on TV and gives a speech in full Arabic, I’m not convinced anything other than his name is Muslim. The muslim tag is just a vain attempt from the conservative media to make America fearful of him, that’s all.

The other controversial myth that Obama can’t seem to get rid of is whether he is a naturally born American or not. This myth has been around ever since the democratic primaries in the summer of 2008. Conservatives, in another attempt to undermine the president after realizing the Muslim tag wasn’t sticking, reverted to declaring Obama a foreigner and saying he can’t run for president. Ironically, Republican John McCain was himself not a TRUE American because he was born in Panama. (I know it was an American Military Base, so he was born on US soil, but c’mon, no one thinks that a tad hypocritical?) It was suspicious that the liberals kept the birth certicate so secret to the public, but Obama had already proven his citizenship to the electorate, so it was irrelevant nonetheless. We all know now he is a true citizen and conservatives are just going to have to cry about it.

Another great myth is that Obama is the Worst President of all time. This is more of an opinion, but if the person knew anything about history, they would obviously know this was an untrue remark. As much as conservatives may hate it, Obama has already surpassed George W Bush in public image. Obama would have to be a complete and utter failure in his second term and let a crapload of disasters occur to the US for him to drop below “Dubya” now. Also lets take a look at some of the other presidents that we have elected. Warren G Harding was undoubtly the most corrupt President, followed closely by Richard Nixon and Ulysses S Grant (great general, but had one corrupt cabinet). Jimmy Carter was one of our weakest presidents in terms of policies and a complete pushover to the rest of the world. James Buchanan just sat there while the Nation tore itself apart. If we’re going to talk about the closest president to a dictator, then undoubtly its Woodrow Wilson, who was a fascist before fascism. Close to him are Theodore Roosevelt and his cousin Franklin, who began to disassemble our capitalist society into a more socialized one, rampant with unneeded bureaucracy and government oversight. Heck, even good Ol’ Abe too away Habius Corpus, a civil right protected by the constitution. However, when it comes to THE Worst President of The United States of America, the Award goes to William Henry Harrson, with a bullet. This guy lived only 32 days as president, before dying of pneumonia. He didn’t get anything done in that short time; he was absolutely useless. So technically he was the worst because it’s going to be REALLY hard to beat that record.

Obama has gained quite amount of success in office as well. He oversaw the raid that killed the Most Wanted Man in the World, managed to pass Universal Healthcare (not a success for me, but for others, sure), united a country during tragedies, got the troops out of Iraq has enjoyed great amounts of popularity despite his failures in other areas that the American public should have observed. He even managed to get reelected during one of the dirtiest races in our history and had many bad things go on for him that would have sunk any other incumbent president. (Bengazi comes to mind) However, his greatest success is that he managed to remain a devoted husband and father throughout his presidency. A man with that much power and popularity could easily slip into seduction and corruption to family values, like so many presidents have before, yet Obama remains strongly a wonderful father to his two daughters and has yet to have an affair (of course, that might come out later, but so far, he’s remained solid and I respect that). Obama will be remembered favorability in the history books, whether the Right likes it or not.

I wrote this article not to declare Obama the greatest president of all time, because he’s far from it, or persuade anyone to join the democrats. I wrote this because I’m tired of the ignorance and hatred for a man, beause Barack Obama is just a Man. I don’t believe we should dehumanize anyone: Republican or democrat, White or black, Christian or Muslim. We are all humans and President Obama is our American President. You don’t have to support him, but we should all respect him because He has the hardest job in the world. The all Nation and its problems rest on his back. We can all do more to help relieve him of that pressure by being better neighbors and countrymen. Politics aren’t white or black, or liberal or conservative. I have my conservative and liberal beliefs. Pages like ‘Being Conservative’, ‘Being Liberal’, NAACP, and my personal favorite, the (extremely racist, islamaphobic, xenophobic, bible humping, KKK loving, ignorant cesspool of Facebook) American White History Month, all want to obscure the lines of basic humanity to further their hatred for the opposition. Don’t give in. Stand up for each other no matter our differences. Remember: We are all Americans!

Jesse Miesen

Writer and Voice of Reason

PS: You might be wondering why I spoke all about NOT judging people, and trying respecting each other, yet demonized the AWHM. That’s because I’m using the AWHM’s own hypocrisy against them. They’re page was intended to ridicule the idea that all racism is okay except when white people use it, a thought I can support, but instead of being a beacon of equality and sensibility about race, they are just as bad as the people and groups they hate against, reverting to the same blatant racism and race phobia commonly found in the Deep South and banning anyone who dares use common sense to reason with them. They are a lost cause in the pursuit of Knowledge; too blinded by arrogance and racism to see the irony in their ways.


23 thoughts on “In Defense of President Barack Obama

  1. I read your article and enjoyed doing so. I respectfully disagree with just about everything you said, but then we are all entitled to our opinions.

    Posted by Wally Makuchal Jr | February 6, 2013, 1:39 pm
  2. dont kid your self with that right left republican democrat crap. open your eyes. open your mind. turn off the propaganda.

    Posted by tim | February 6, 2013, 2:39 pm
  3. Jimmy Carter was a better president then this liar in chief.

    Posted by MZAZ (@mz_az) | February 6, 2013, 2:41 pm
    • Really? Because Obama was able to oversee a successful spec ops operation. Carter didnt (Tehran Hostage failed rescue) And Obama has…kinda led to a rising economy…in a terrible way for sure, but it is rising. Obama isn’t as bad as you like to believe he is

      Posted by teacko | February 6, 2013, 3:35 pm
  4. Sooo are you going to stick a finger up his ass while you deep throat him? I don’t see the point of being respectful when you defend a man who is dismantaling the military piece by piece.

    Posted by Kayla | February 6, 2013, 2:42 pm
    • I think you missed the point of the article. I’m not truely defending him, im being more passive aggressive towards him. Still, Obama does get crap he doesn’t rightfully deserve, same with GWB. I jsut wanted to clarify and debunk the myths. I AM NO FRIEND OF OBAMA. nor am I a liberal. Im a libertarian (anti govt with reason) I think he is a terrible president, but there have been worse…

      Posted by teacko | February 6, 2013, 3:32 pm
      • If you were trying to sound intelligent, you failed miserably. Those of us who researched Obama know exactly who and what he is. I don’t think you made it through journalism school….Whites don’t like him because he is a fraud and a failure. It may surprise you that many of us supported Herman Cain until the Chicago crew tore him apart. We also support Lt. Col. Allen West because he stands for many of the American ideals that our ancestors fought for. You may want to do a better job of gathering your facts before you sling mud on a Facebook page that does nothing but honor its heritage. We have the right to do so.

        Posted by Bella Freund | February 6, 2013, 4:45 pm
      • Okay, I understand. You’re rigth I didnt go to journalism school…because I’m attending Full Sail University and I work for Lucas FIlm. This is jsut a bored hobby I do. I know that some of AWHM are okay people, but many of you are fogged by ignorance and disillusion of the world. Im not a liberal or an Obama supporter at all. Th point of this article was to debunk some of the myths about him. thats all the “defense” in there

        Posted by teacko | February 6, 2013, 6:22 pm
  5. If and when hyperinflation hits, he will NOT be remembered favoribly

    Posted by Jorge | February 6, 2013, 3:28 pm
  6. Obama is the “worst US President”…highest national debt, highest unemployment, highest “entitlement payouts”, states and cities going bankrupt…and we haven’t even begun the disasterous Obamacare yet! Obama is the idiot in chief!

    Posted by susan | February 6, 2013, 3:38 pm
  7. Okay, so you stated your opinion, that’s nice. However, there are many aspects to Obama’s presidency that you left out. I know this is just an article and it would take a book and maybe even a series of books to point out all of his personal and presidential transgressions but I am sure you could have expounded on more of them. I also noted that your reason for writing this. It would appear that you hold AWHM responsible for their group members comments and view points and are missing the whole point of the page. Maybe you should visit some of the opposing pages, read the comments and then come back with another article about Obama’s other side. Personally, I have never seen any admins on the page promote violence or hatred against other races and I do know that if a person were to post such things, the comment would be promptly removed. So, I have to wonder about your true motive here. BTW, if you haven’t noticed by my comments, I am white, guilt free and proud. Peace.

    Posted by Dawn Barone | February 6, 2013, 3:41 pm
    • So am I, Dawn. I am no fan of Obama or am I a liberal. However AWHM spews ignorance and fogs the minds of its readers. Even the admins are guilty of it. Even so, the AWHM is guilty of standing at the sidelines, cheering the racists and Conspiracy nuts. I believe that there should not be a Black or White hstory month, but we should celebrate HUMAN history month. AWHM is only letting the racist wound fester instead of cleansing it. Just because the “other” race pages may be extremely racist doesnt mean AWHM should be (and neither should those racist pages be for that matter) AWHM should be an example of racial acceptance and a satire of what other groups believe, not just a big group of equally racist assholes

      Posted by teacko | February 6, 2013, 6:11 pm
      • They may be all of that and more, but as you stated, it’s your opinion. I won’t say I agree with everything posted there, I pick and choose, that does not make me racist or a conspiracy theorist…allow I don’t believe half of what main stream media attempts to spoon feed me. But sometimes, you have to pick a side. You say ” AWHM is guilty of standing at the sidelines”. I say, you are straddling a fence. You writing champions one opinion while you hint that you actually possess a different one. Pick a side, pro Obama or otherwise but stop burning your candle on both ends.

        Posted by Dawn Barone | February 6, 2013, 10:58 pm
      • Thats the thing. Politics arent black and white. there is a gray area. You can strongly stand in the middle. For instance, Im morally opposed to Abortion but I dont mind if someone does it, because its they’re freedom and their reason. Same with gay marriage. I think its perfectly fine for gays to be married but I will strongly defend churches preventing it within their doors (gay marriage in churches) Liberals and Conservatives liek to portray the myth that Politics are one sided, but they are far from it! I’m liberal on some issues and conservative on most. Thats why I’m a Libertarian, because they see it the same way I do

        Posted by teacko | February 6, 2013, 11:49 pm
  8. Why did you omit the most hateful group there is the black panthers? They openly write about killing all white people. Killing white b babies. AWHM has some haters, just like every other group. But the majority is just proud of our race like every black group. We are tired of every time we stand up for our race we get BS from others. Too bad. We have BET on TV, we have NAACP for blacks, we have Miss black America, we have united negro fund etc… do you think that’s racist? If we had anything that was for whites only we would have Jackson and his side kick all on our ass. Enough , we aren’t going to stop being proud of our race either. As far as our president goes , he is more white athen he is black. I don’t believe he plays favorites to blacks. He is hurting every American regardless of race. He is igour constitut. He thinks he is smarter theoforefathers. He is trying to change something that has worked for 200 years ,our constitution. His ideas that taking away our rights will make things better is plain stupid.but he got everyone’s mind off our debt. Didn’t he? His obamscare is a joke. When his family and cngress s exet it, why? Why isn’t ery citve to be on it with no exemptions? Again this is against our constitution which he was sworn to up hold. That is his job, to protect our constitutional rights. Why is he tsking million dollar vacations when we are so indebt? Why doesnt he cut the pay of congress , the sate, the prior presidents. Let them live like us on social securiretirement pay. That alone would save us millions. If they had to live like the little people maybe they could understand. Their jobs do not warrant such extreme salaries when our soldiers get almost nothing
    We want change alright
    But not what he is changing. He is by far the worst
    I am not a racist either. I am a white American and proud of it. Your site will not let me erase so ignorr from here down. erican c;abinetthe cainate csbinateorefathers

    Posted by linda best | February 6, 2013, 4:33 pm
    • okay, i agree with you. calm down. The article was to address The many myths about Obama, not defend him as a president. I hate him too but I’mn willing to admit he has done some right. But he isnt the worse presidents. Woodrow Wilson was much worse

      Posted by teacko | February 6, 2013, 6:16 pm
  9. Alright , Mr. non-racist Obama supporter. How would you feel if a white Republican president:
    forced congress to draft a bill, which was later made law, that required the average family to pay $20,000 a year for health insurance that only covered them up to $10,000 a year per family.
    signed a bill that gave the military unlimited powers of arrest and detention without any formal charges or due process.
    vacationed in Hawaii while victims of Hurricane Sandy spent Christmas in tent camps
    gave millions of dollars in aid to countries openly opposed to the US.
    gave F-16 fighter jets and M1 Abrams tanks to a country that has already sworn to destroy ours
    forced Christians to go against their religious beliefs and fund abortions, but gave Muslims the option of abstaining
    Allowed congress to exempt itself from the laws they impose on others, on multiple occasions
    jailed people for having the courage to expose the corruption in Washington DC
    promised to close Guantanamo, but has kept it open
    promised to overturn the Patriot Act, but instead, extended it and made it permanent
    promised transparency, but has given us nothing but back-room deals
    Brags about his ability to bypass congress and issue executive orders
    promised to get all US troops home in the first month of his first term, but not only failed to do so, but is now deploying US troops to 35 African countries.
    has a bill presently in congress that would overturn the 22nd amendment, allowing himself to run for a 3rd term

    If Either of the presidents Bush, or Ronald Reagan, would have done these things, the left would have been screaming for murder, but when a liberal democrat does them it’s either dead silence, or adoring cheers, which just goes to show that liberals are nothing but a bunch of HYPOCRITES, and Barack is their prophet.

    Posted by Kurt | February 6, 2013, 4:35 pm
    • Did You even read teh Article? It wasnt defending Obama, but debunking the myths about him. I hate Obama too, but im willing to admit he’s done some right. And some of what you said isnt true at all.

      Posted by teacko | February 6, 2013, 6:19 pm
  10. “PS: You might be wondering why I spoke all about NOT judging people, and trying respecting each other, yet demonized the AWHM. That’s because I’m using the AWHM’s own hypocrisy against them. They’re page was intended to ridicule the idea that all racism is okay except when white people use it, a thought I can support, but instead of being a beacon of equality and sensibility about race, they are just as bad as the people and groups they hate against, reverting to the same blatant racism and race phobia commonly found in the Deep South and banning anyone who dares use common sense to reason with them. They are a lost cause in the pursuit of Knowledge; too blinded by arrogance and racism to see the irony in their ways.”

    You sir,know nothing about me,nor do you know anything about anyone else on that page. You can “demonize” me all you want,but know that you look and sound like a fool. Im neither racist,nor do I think racism is ok. However with this last statement,you yourself have managed to make yourself look like a hypocrite and an idiot. How can you “NOT judge people” and “demonize” a specfic group in the same statement…and not be a hypocrite yourself? In this article you picked one side of the line and judged everything you didnt agree with as non logical,not true,or just plain dumb. That sir makes you a hypocrite. It also makes you “a lost cause in the pursuit of Knowledge;too blinded by arrogance to see the irony in your own ways.” So next time when you decide to speak the truth and “debunk the myths” revolving around a specfic subject,try knowing the people that you want to call out as “Deep South” racists.

    Posted by Monty Yow III | February 6, 2013, 7:47 pm

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