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Paranormal Part 2 Celebrity Ghost Stories

Part 2
Celebrity Ghost Stories

Vince Neil (of Motley Cruebrown_lady_lg)… Vince lost a daughter. Skylar died when she was just 4 years old from cancer.. He tried to ease his pain by drinking and taking pills. He wanted to die so he could join her. For two years, he was in and out of rehab centers. He kept his daughters little blanket with him, to be close to her. One night, while asleep, he felt tugging on the blanket. He woke up to find the bedroom door open. He admitted to being scared but felt Skylar was coming to him. For several nights she visited him. This inspired him to start the Skylar Neil Foundation. This is a foundation that helps to raise money for cancer and aids research. Vince feels this saved his life.

Maksim Chmeckovsky (Of Dancing With the Stars)… Max was in a serious auto accident when he was hit by a truck. He was thrown from his car into a carpet store, bounced off the wall and thrown outside again, and hit a fire hydrant… The car he was driving was totaled but he received not one scratch or bruise. He feels like a presence was with him and spared his life.

Here are two of the stories that really got to me. I hope they do you too.

Brian Hugh Warner, AKA. Marilyn Manson… As a young man, Brian was a loner. He was kicked out of a Christian school and made to go to a private school where he was bullied. One of the guys that bullied him was name John. Brian thought John was a cool guy. He wore a denim jacket and smoked. In order not to be beaten up by John, He found things they were interested in such as music, and giving John his mom’s diet pills. One night John asked Brian to spend the night. Brian agreed but thought it was just so John could beat up on him. John asked Brian if he wanted to see something scary. Brian thought it was just a television show but John led him to the barn. They climbed up to the loft and there was a make-shift satanic altar and dead animals and blood everywhere. John told Brian he better not let his brother know. The altar belonged to John’s brother. There was a book in the loft, the Necronomicon. This is supposed to be the devil worshipper’s bible. As they were in the loft, John’s brother arrived home so John grabbed the book and he and Brian ran from the barn into the woods. Wandering around, they came to a house which was falling down. The only thing remaining was the frame and the cellar below the house. John led Brian down the pitch black cellar and ordered Brian to read from the book. Brian held a lighter and really thought this was the end of his life. Brian went to a Christian school and knew the bible and he knew this was not right, that they were messing with things they had no business messing with.
He read, and in the middle of his reading, they began to hear whispers all around them, asking if they believed in Satan. Brian dropped his lighter and him and John ran from the cellar. The next day Brian told John they had to go back and get the book. They walked right back to the place where the house had been and it was gone. Brian believes they unleashed an entity and that it was evil. He says to never underestimate the powers of the occult.

Loretta Lynn… Loretta claims to be a bonafide psychic. She also believes she and her mom are connected that way. She had a dream of her father in his coffin and the next day learned her father had died. Years later she went home to visit and she saw her dad sitting on the front porch. One day Loretta and her husband were out driving around and came to find her perfect house. She didn’t even know if it was for sale, which it did happen to be. It was in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. They bought the house and soon after moving in, she noticed odd things going on inside the house. She would wake up at night and see her bedroom door opened between her room and her twin girl’s room. The girls told their mom they have seen women in their room wearing old fashioned clothes and their hair piled up on their heads. Investigating the history of her property, Loretta learned there had been a skirmish there during the Civil War. Nineteen confederate soldiers were buried on the property. Loretta’s son told his mom of waking up and seeing a soldier at the foot of his bed. There was also a slave pit under the front porch of the house. One night Loretta and a friend was watching television and they heard what sounded like a chain being dragged across the porch. When they went to check, no-one was there.
She had other strange experiences of feeling like someone had walked right through her. Pictures on the wall would end up crooked, no matter how many times they were straightened up.
One night Loretta invited some friends over for a séance. She came in contact with a spirit named Anderson. Anderson became angry of all the questions. The table began to shake violently; it flew up in the air, slammed back down and broke in half. She later found out that James Anderson was the original owner of the house and was buried on the property. She never tried to contact him again.

There are many more stories of celebrities and their encounters with the supernatural. You can see them on the bio channel. Do I believe all of them? No. I have never seen a demon or anything evil and I hope I don’t. Many Psychics believe that if you mess with séances or Ouija boards, you can open up portals that let things into our world. I personally don’t want to chance that. I have heard of ghost investigators believing they have brought “things” home with them. After losing loved ones, I want to believe there is something out there. That there is more to life after death. One day we will find out. I hope when I’m gone, I can visit my grandkids. I want to watch over them and keep them safe as I have been during many accidents in my life. But….Till then, I’ll live, laugh and love the best I know how.

About kandybarnes

I am married, mother of 4 grown children and proud grandmother of 8. I believe in God and all he stands for. I was raised in church and raised my kids in church. I am a homemaker. I have worked out of the home before but now I do what I like to do which is read, James Patterson is my favorite author, as is Sandra Brown, and Heather Graham. I love mysteries and Im also a big paranormal fan. Anything on the paranormal I watch or read about. I especailly love to spend time with my grandkids. they definetly make me feel young.


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