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The Beautiful (and not so beautiful gowns) worn to the Oscar Awards

How many of you out there watched the Oscar Awards? I didn’t. I find shows like that boring, but I am interested in the lavish gowns worn. Years ago, women knew how to dress for occasions like this. It was a show to see who was best dressed. And they were beautiful. I remember looking … Continue reading

February 27: A Day of Liberty and History (and 1400 Days Without a Budget)

This Wednesday, February 27, marks some watershed moments of liberty in United States History. In 1922, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the 19th amendment and a woman’s right to vote In 1951, the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, limiting a U.S. President to two terms. In 1991, U.S. President George H.W. Bush … Continue reading


In Part 1 we touched on some of the history of PC as we know it in America today. This article will deal with the examples and effects on our society. As promised, it will be a rocky road so be prepared. Let me start with “hate crime enhancements”. How can that be bad? Think … Continue reading


I just read an excellent article in the New York Magazine by Jonathan Chait.  It’s called Beltway Brain Fever: People Who Agree With Obama But Have To Pretend Otherwise.  It’s a pretty scathing review of an editorial that appeared in the Washington Post. This editorial appeared to be impartial by applying pseudo-reasoning (as Jonathan calls … Continue reading

Thrift Shopping

By now Macklemore, a white rap artist has taken the charts and hearts of many high school students. One of his most popular songs is called “Thrift Shop.” As over played and outdated as it is… It was one of my biggest inspirations for a little thrift shopping of my own this weekend. Many of … Continue reading

Unemployed Teen’s Dedication is Rewarded with a Job for a Selfless Business Owner

It’s a very cold day in the heartland of America.  Overnight snow, sleet, and freezing rain blanketed the city.  In the morning hours following the cold night, a small business owner is putting ice melt around his restaurant.  He looks up to see a young man walking across the parking lot.   Neither the young man, … Continue reading

Daycare students trapped in adult bodies

Ever been to a poorly run day care? If you haven’t then let me give you a glimpse into what it’s like; kids are running around everywhere throwing toys and snacks at each other while they scream and yell at the top of their lungs. They constantly run into each other and with enough of … Continue reading

Celebrities Who Support Gun Rights

I know there are a lot of debates about gun control. I’m a Midwestern gal, living in a small town, where my family all go hunting. I personally don’t like guns so I don’t mess with them. Why mess with something that can get you killed if you don’t know what you’re doing? I have … Continue reading

“One-and-Done”, Should Be Done

“One-and-Done”, Should Be Done I am tired of hearing about this “one-and-done” rule the NBA has as a requirement for admittance into its professional organization.  So what is “One-and-done”?  Well it was a new policy that the NBA adopted in 2005.  It can be found under Article X of the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). One … Continue reading

Obama Once Vowed Veto to Keep; WaPo and Politifact Agree Sequestration Was Obama’s

Is anyone else getting a little bit tired of the President of the United States continuing to blame Republicans for sequestration? Time for some flashback — On November 21, Obama gave a speech explaining the failed Super Committee. He discussed the automatic cuts to the defense budget (sequestration) and the need for a balanced approach … Continue reading

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