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What Did You Call Me?


I will now add some truth to the picture above. (1) From the top.  1. When conservatives are faced with fact that they dispute just because its Obama, they are racist, but no not all conservatives are. 2. You are an American because you believe in your second amendment rights, doesn’t give you the right to own a tank or RPG, shouldn’t assault rifles either. 3. A tea bagger, doesn’t believe in the government, the constitution was written by the government, this one debunks itself.  4. Not shutting up is the American way, ‘it’s our differences and our freedom to voice them that makes us Americans’ a great American said that….oh yeah me! 5. Nothing wrong with asking unanswered questions, but when given an answer you don’t like or that gives Obama an ounce of credit, you refuse to face it and just name call after that. 6. No other president has had to provide such a thing, so why should Obama?  Oh yeah, duh!  He already DID many times!! Once again you refuse to face truth, it’s a conservative allergy. 7. Conservatives like to blow their own whistle, and blow smoke up each other’s asses, that’s about it. 8. Conspiracy theorists have no point, no brain, and no documented proof, as the poor guy in Newtown who is caught in the middle of conspiracy theorist morons.  9. This one makes no sense, the constitution is meant for Americans, we all support it, it just needs updating, in case you have not noticed, the world changed in the past 200 years, ask McCain he lived through it. 10. Liberals are Christians too news flash, liberals believe that Christianity should not be forced on anyone though, conservatives think everyone should be required to believe in Jesus. Libs believe in freedom of religion. 11. We all support our troops, anyone who doesn’t needs to get the hell out of our country.  Some of us don’t support the reasoning behind some wars though, please at least try to tell the truth.  12. Not a homophobe necessarily, but more forcing your religious beliefs on others who don’t agree.  You have the right to be married and happy, why don’t they?  13. No, you are greedy because you don’t think the rich should pay their fair share.  You also are greedy for not sharing with those less fortunate than you…..until you become the less fortunate.  14. America is not a country that believes in Sharia Law so not sure where you got that crap from.  No one is in favor of illegal immigration, but our government knows sending law abiding citizens to countries they have not been to since they were babies, when they don’t speak the language, and have put down roots here is just cruel and wrong.  Last of all, we are all proud to be Americans!!


2 thoughts on “What Did You Call Me?

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