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Hanoi Jane

KANDY BARNES – Jane Fonda, American actress, political activist, former fashion model and fitness guru.  I think most of us know Jane as an actress and a very good actress. Beautiful, funny, smart, wealthy, she’s from an acting family, her father was Henry Fonda, actor, her brother is Peter Fonda, actor, and her niece is Bridgett Fonda, actress.

Jane rose to fame in 1960 in movies such as “Barbarella”, and “Cat Ballou”.  She has two academy awards and an Emmy award and several nominations.  Jane has 50 years under her. She retired for 15 years and returned in films. In 2005 she was in “Monster-In-Law” with Jennifer Lopez, funny movie by the way. Miss Fonda also produced over 20 exercise videos between1982 and 1995. Her last video was made in 2010.

If you ask most people if they know who Jane Fonda is they will reply, “yes.” Ask anyone in the military, or a vet, and most will remember her as Hanoi Jane, traitor.

During the Viet Nam war, Jane was a big political activist.  Jane led many protest against the war.  In 1972 she visited Hanoi. She was photographed sitting on an aircraft battery.  She says she was manipulated to sitting on the battery and had been horrified at the implications of the picture and regretted that they had been taken.  She says she has apologized several times for any pain she may have caused servicemen and their families.  It was, “never her intention to cause harm”.

On her trip to Hanoi, she made several radio broadcasts denouncing American political and military leaders as “war criminals”. She visited many POWs and took messages to their families. When prisoners spoke of torture, Fonda called the POWs liars.  She stated these POWs were military ” careerists and professional killers who were trying to make themselves look self-righteous, but that they were war criminals according  to the law.

Jerry Driscoll, a F-4E pilot and POW, was taking from a stinking cesspool of a cell, was cleaned, fed, and dressed in clean pjs, was ordered to describe for a visiting American  “peace activist” the lenient and humane treatment  he was receiving from his captors.  He spat at Miss Fonda.  He was dragged away and clubbed and beaten. These beatings ended his flying career due to double vision from the beatings he was subjected to.  Miss Fonda would go down a line of POWs and ask questions like, “Aren’t you sorry you bombed babies”, Or “Are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent captors?”

Because of her time in North Viet Nam and her return, resentment against her among Veterans and those currently serving in the the U.S. military still exists.  In The Naval Academy, when a blebe shouts out, “Good night Jane Fonda”, the entire company will reply, “Goodnight Bitch”.

In 2005, Michael Smith, a U.S. Navy veteran, was arrested for spitting chewing tobacco in Jane Fonda’s face at a book signing she was attending about her autobiography. Mr. Smith told reporters that he considered it a “debt of honor” and said, “She spit in our faces for 37 years.  It absolutely was worth it.  There are a lot of veterans who would love to do what I did”…

Barbara Walters said,” Thank you all. Many died in Viet Nam for our freedom.  I did not like Jane Fonda then, and I do not like her now”.

Okay…What am I getting at bringing all of this out about Jane Fonda?  Let me tell you. President Obama wants Jane Fonda to be one of the ladies in the last 100 years, who are to be admired. Jane was picked to play Nancy Reagan in a movie about Nancy’s life.  You’re kidding right?  Nancy Reagan was, and still is, admired by the citizens of the U.S.  I bet Ronald Regan is rolling over in his grave.  I would love to know what Nancy Reagan herself thinks of this.   I didn’t think Lindsay Lohan should have been the one picked to play the beautiful Liz Taylor.  But that’s a different story.

I don’t think a traitor of our country should be honored in any way.  Some people say, “Oh she was just so young”.  I say “BS”…. I’m a lot younger than Jane Fonda, and I never have showed any disrespect for our military.  My dad, father-in-law, husband, all went to war for our country.  I think they all deserve the highest respect.   The big question is, should a traitor be honored in the United States?  No….. Hanoi Jane will never be forgotten, she humiliated our service men, but she gets to live in this land like she’s owed her freedom.  Our military fought for everything Miss Fonda has.  I really hope, in her old age, she appreciates it.

About kandybarnes

I am married, mother of 4 grown children and proud grandmother of 8. I believe in God and all he stands for. I was raised in church and raised my kids in church. I am a homemaker. I have worked out of the home before but now I do what I like to do which is read, James Patterson is my favorite author, as is Sandra Brown, and Heather Graham. I love mysteries and Im also a big paranormal fan. Anything on the paranormal I watch or read about. I especailly love to spend time with my grandkids. they definetly make me feel young.


3 thoughts on “Hanoi Jane


    Posted by michael Delaney | January 21, 2013, 10:38 am
  2. Yes Michael, I was too easy on her. That’s the difference bettween me and Ms. Fonda. Im a lady.

    Posted by kandybarnes | February 13, 2013, 12:27 am

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