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Assault Rifle Ban: Bullcrap!

JESSE MIESEN – Before I get started, allow me to give a brief introduction of myself. I am twenty year old freelance writer, working on a novel and some other projects. I am a nontraditional Buddhist as well, because I believe true salvation lies within self-actualization, and not in forced submission to an invisible deity. That and I also believe that Buddhism as a religion has killed possibly one hundred individuals in its entire history as opposed to certain western religions <cough Islam and Christianity>. I am also an outspoken libertarian, one with strong conservative and liberal beliefs. Of course, if you have been the TACD Facebook page, you already know this all too well. That’s because I’m known as a Troll in internet terms (Look it up on urbandictionary.com if you don’t know already.)Since joining The American Complaint Department, I’ve made it a personal mission to seek out ignorance where ever it can be found and be a voice of common sense (and sometimes the voice of insanity). Now, I feel like I should warn you that I’m rather blunt and my opinion goes against most people’s moral standings, but I don’t really care about that. I’m here to give you an honest and common sense perspective of the situation with a fair amount of humor to soften the punch. On a serious note, I do not want wish to offend anyone. That is NOT my goal. I simply wish to give you the gift of common sense and knowledge. If those “gifts” offend you, don’t blame me; After all, it’s not my fault you live underneath a rock. I digress. Let’s get to the topic of this article.

A couple days ago, our President signed Executive Orders in favor of gun control. Now, I’m not going to spin it and say the orders he signed did anything intrusive on our great second amendment; they were mostly recommendations to congress for Gun Control. Still the fact that we live in a country where our congress is willing to strip away fundamental rights protected by our Second Amendment tells us greatly the political situation today. The most compelling issue is that all these gun regulations are purely semantics and will do nothing to lower gun crime. Allow me to explain.

And by explain, I mean make a crude remark and THEN explain. Ok, so this big gun debate all started from the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, where twenty children and six adults were killed.  However, everyone seems to only care about those twenty kids and it’s because of those kids’ deaths that gun control is finally getting momentum. Virginia Tech showed that College students aren’t “precious” enough for their deaths to be a political platform, neither did Tucson, Arizona because the intended target, Gabrielle Gifford’s, lived and ONLY one child died. Gun-Controllers couldn’t make a platform out of that. But then on December 14, 2012, the Gun Controller’s opportunity came. Twenty kids were slaughtered by a gunman. Twenty, young, innocent children; That was enough to capture the county’s heart and finally bring proper gun control as a consideration, starting with Assault Rifles and “high capacity magazines”. This all in spite that the supposed assault rifle used in the shooting was pulled from the trunk of the shooter’s car (mind you, the shooter committed suicide INSIDE the school so he couldn’t have put the rifle back in the car) AND that the one survivor inside the classroom, a little girl who played dead during the shooting, positively confirmed that the shooter used a handgun. Of course, you didn’t hear that part of the story from the media outlets, unless you subscribe to the Blaze, where you got to see the interview firsthand. (Also note that I never mentioned the shooter’s name, because I do not want to glorify him during this tragedy.)

Now I am not Mr. Conspiracy “there were multiple shooters who were placed there by Obama to push gun control” and I don’t really believe half the stuff I wrote above about the Liberals wanting a perfect scenario to push gun control. I think most people saw this as a tragedy, not cause for a political agenda. Sadly, it’s becoming evident that congress cannot be defined as “people” as assault rifle ban discussions happened within hours of this tragedy. Within a week, everyone was talking about assault rifles and how they are killing machines and the public shouldn’t have them. So what is an assault rifle and why are they so scary? Well it’s really all in the name. Assault rifle, like killer whale, sounds dangerous. Sadly, unlike the killer whale, its alternative names don’t sound any better; Combat Rifle, Carbine, and Mid-range Rifle. To Congress’s credit, they are used primarily for fighting combatants and mostly used by armies around the world. Their rifling inside the barrel spins the round, allowing it to travel further than a round fired from a handgun. So why would an American, who lives in well protected country and has the greatest army in the world, need a militarized weapon. Simple for defense, if there was ever a time they would come under attack, they would have a weapon to fend them with, but hopefully will never have to use. The same reasoning for why the United States has nuclear weapons.

However, congresses’ reasoning for the assault ban is complete and utter bullcrap. Here’s why

(1-     Assault Rifles kill less people a year than any other firearm category. Out of Shotguns, Handguns, Hunting Rifles, and Assault Rifles, Assault Rifles accounted for fewer deaths in the year of 2012, even with the shootings in Aurora and Newtown. Handguns accounted for nearly nine times as many deaths as assault rifles. (Baseball bats accounted for two times as many deaths as assault rifles) If Congress was truly worried about the Welfare of the People, they would ban handguns, which are much easier to hide and have proven to be deadlier.

(2-     “Assault Rifles are meant to hunt Man.” This great [Paraphrased] quote comes the one and only Senator Dianne Feinstein, who may I say was FANTASTIC in The Hobbit as the role of a Cave Troll. Feinstein was trying to say that Assault Rifles have no conventional use outside of killing people. However, that is wrong as well. Plenty of people hunt with Assault Rifles. It might not be the ideal weapon, but it’s just as effective at hunting as any other firearm, except maybe with birds. In fact, Assault Rifles are the weapons of choice for hunting Boar, where a strong and semiautomatic weapon is preferred.

(3-     Assault weapons are “militarized” and therefore unsuitable for civilian use. This argument is possibly the silliest, as it’s based mostly on the appearance of the weapon.  The argument that Assault weapons LOOK scary, which I’ll make the argument that anything that can kill you with one shot “looks” scary. This is also the same argument that because it looks like something only a trained military soldier would use, only a soldier should handle it. SO because we, the feeble sheep, can’t possibly handle something sophisticated as a single shot trigger mechanism, Congress has to step in and prevent us from having them because we, the sheep, can’t be trusted to handle them.  Fair enough. However, Assault Rifles aren’t the only “militarized” weapon civilians can use. What we call Hunting Rifles here in the States are what the military calls Sniper Rifles. Sure, the military also uses Anti-tank rifles such as the Barett-50 Caliber Sniper Rifle that fires depleted Uranium rounds, but when it military standard equipment, our snipers are using the same rifles that our hunters use, mainly the R700, M21, and M40A3. So, Congress doesn’t trust us with the semiautomatic, low powered mid-range rifles, but DOES trust us with the high powered, very long range, extremely accurate rifles that can be fired just as fast. Congress needs to get their priorities straight.

(4-     Assault Rifles, with their high capacity magazines can be fired like machines guns. Okay, fair enough. I won’t argue that they can, although you would need one heck of a trigger finger to do that feat. However, Machine gun is an odd comparison. You see, Machines are not really used to kill people. Surely, it has the power to kill people, but most armies use machines guns to for their primary use: to suppress and pin down combatants. There is a psychological level to warfare and machine guns cause great fear. Machine guns are meant to pin people down into cover and then kill anyone dumb enough to stick their head out of cover. This is one of the reasons for trench warfare during World War I. This part doesn’t really have anything to do with assault rifles, but more that I wanted to give a small history lesson. I will say that with the whole “assault Rifle machine gun” argument that as fire rate goes up, accuracy goes down. If you’re using an Assault rifle as a machine gun, you’re just going to waste ammo instead of kill people.

(5-     Finally, “We have an Army to protect us, so we don’t need assault rifles”. This is a terrible argument. DON’T EVER SAY THIS! Nobody knows what the future holds for us. One of the big ideas behind the Second Amendment is that we are a Nation where every citizen is armed, an idea that wasn’t even heard of before 1776. Think about it like this: China has the largest organized army in the world, with estimates around three to five million trained soldiers. However firearm ownership is banned throughout China. Therefore, if China was invaded, the invaders would have to fight five million soldiers, but after that, no one would be left to fight. On the other hand, the idea of the United States is that EVERY CITIZEN is armed. Take out children (who can’t own firearms) and we have an army of roughly 230 million potentially; Forty-six times more than China. Take away our weapons, and we are sitting ducks. I’ll use the Condom-Abstinence Argument. It’s better to give our teenagers condoms so that they can practice safe sex, if the opportunity arise, than to have them practice abstinence, have the opportunity arise, have sex, and get an incurable STD.


If our GOVERNMENT takes away our weapons, then they are free to take control with no resistance.  And In the case of a (hypothetical) Revolution, we need to have the power to fight against our army and government, “But Jesse, We wouldn’t be able to fight our military! They have superior weapons, tanks, planes, and Nukes! We would be powerless!” Possibly, although I would say New Hampshire’s Motto “Live Free or Die” is pertinent here. I’d rather die fighting than live on my knees in oppression. But with Assault Rifles, we would have a fighting chance. It’s very unlikely that the government would nuke its own land (wouldn’t be good for business). Ironically, our semiautomatic rifles would be more accurate than the military’s fully automatic rifles, which mean there’s a good chance we could take out them before they take out us. Also, it’s in good argument that sections of the US military would be on the revolting side, so victory would be feasible. But without assault rifles, we would have little to nothing to fight back with. Handgun vs. an assault Rifle ends badly for the handgun 9/10, unless you’re John McLane in a Die Hard.

So, why is Congress TRULY banning our assault Rifles? Simple, because it’s the easiest and least justified out of all the firearms we have. Shotguns and Hunting rifles are used for hunting and handguns for personal defense. It’s true. Assault Rifles are used for killing people. But I believe this is the first on a slippery slope of total gun bans. Just like the Frog-in-Pot analogy we are the frog and the government is slowly turning up the heat of acceptance. First Assault Rifles, then what? The government turns up the heat once again, maybe banning handguns, then shotguns, and then hunting rifles. Before you know it, we are Kermit-the-Soup, and the Government is free to takeover with no resistance. Congress, and more so Liberals, is after power. They are using the Sandy Hook Shooting as an excuse to get rid of Assault Weapons. You spend enough time in politics, you lose your sympathy and in its place is the lust for power. Anti-gun liberals didn’t see twenty young children dead, they saw a perfect opportunity. This Gun Control Bill is not to protect us; it’s to empower them. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) already allows them to detain anyone who they see as a threat. The Government is taking control, slowly so we don’t notice a thing. We are the Frogs in the Pot and Its time to jump out.


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