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A Lost Childhood

KAYLEE RADCLIFFE – A couple weeks ago I went to pick up my boyfriend’s little sister from school, she’s still in that cute little second grade age and is extremely obsessed with me. Two very interesting things happened that day. When I was almost to the portable her class was in a saw a kid storm out of the school. He seemed to be around seven or eight and this little boy was pissed.

He had short brown hair and was covered in the usual skater boy assortment of super flared jeans and a DC jacket… whatever DC even means. He stomped over to the brick wall without even taking notice to me; his foot met the brick wall with the swing of his foot… What came out of his mouth is what really shocked me.

When he kicked the wall he let out a howl and with that came, “F***ing a,” I think you guys can fill in the stars. The nameless boy seemed to suddenly take notice in me and his whole face turned bright red and he ran back into his class. I barely shook the shock off my face when Portia’s (the boyfriends little sister) class room door flew open. Kids ran everywhere while freedom pumped through their blood. I scanned the area for Portia and a little girls face met my stomach and she peered up at me with apologetic eyes. The source of her distraction? She was texting, a second grader, texting on an iPhone 5. What?!

When I left the school I was completely shocked and nearly revolted by the chaotic life that kids are born into now a days. They were born into a technology over run world and now even though they can barely spell, they’re already twittering their thumbs away.

What happened to playing with imaginary friends and not knowing bad words till middle school? Obviously these kids didn’t get the amazing adventurous childhood that I had.


One thought on “A Lost Childhood

  1. Preaching to the chore !! Today’s youth, especially under 30 hold as truth their entitlement mentality. Most seem to believe they deserve something , not working for it. I’m not sure if there is one item or topic that created, however I think their environment and the ability to be instantly gratified by either entertainment or self-esteem is a cause.

    Posted by Sean Fitzgerald | January 24, 2013, 4:59 pm

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