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​Patriot Tomb

Who lies in the patriot tomb? Prior to our nations revolutionary war there were people on both sides of the debate who were still patriotic Americans. The issue then was whether to remain a colony under British flag or our own banner. The debate was heated and long lasting. In the end many from both sides of the debate took up arms against the imperial rule of England. In the tomb of the patriots of that era will be found the remains of those from both sides of the debate. Though they disagreed at the onset in the end they were patriots all.

In our day the debate is left/right conservative/liberal we both sides believe our cause is just and our methods the right way to have the government run. Perhaps one side is right, perhaps the other. Maybe a combination of all the philosophies combined. All sides have patriots who are loyal to our flag and our nation. Perhaps the extremist of both sides wish the destruction of our nation or it’s form of government so they can install an alternative form of their choosing.

When the day comes when the aspiring tyrants mask is removed will the mask be liberal or conservative? That will be for history to decide. The real question is who will be on the patriot side. I believe as in the revolutionary war we will find ourselves aligned with those who we now contend with over issues that are not as significant as our loyalty to our nation and what it stands for. is The question is will we have the means and will to defend and fight for the nation we love.

The current debate over the second amendment is a watershed moment. If those in opposition to the intent of the second amendment (the peoples ability to defend against unjust oppression) are successful it may very well be a moot point. Without arms there can be no resistance to an unjust regime (whether it comes from the right or the left). Consider this no matter which side of the aisle you are from. If it was the philosophy that you disagreed with asking you to give up your weapons would you suspect an ulterior motive? If an ultra conservative was asking would your suspicion be arisen? If progressive/socialist?

With the second amendment intact when the tyrants mask (no matter what he claims to be) slips and falls we as citizens will be able to respond. Side by side on that day as in our nations founding we will find ourselves patriots all. Liberal and conservative will in that day be united in the cause of freedom. In the end we are Americans. We believe in our independence and freedom. We may disagree on the form that freedom will be lived under. We may disagree on exactly what freedoms can be sacrificed in the interest of society but we do agree we want to be free.

Some think the threat of a tyrant attempting to take over out nation is minimal at best. They argue that we have safeguards in place that will prevent this from taking place. History shows that even the seemingly most free societies are fragile at best. The freedom of the people to choose often can actually be the seed that grows into tyranny. That is why the government chosen by our forefathers was not a strict democracy. They chose a republic with the safeguards this enables to be put in place. Any efforts by any politician to bypass that process should be suspect. We must be vigilant so that we maintain the republic we inherited from these wise men so we can pass it on to our children.

I believe the day will come when the call for patriots from both sides of the aisle will go out to defend our nation, our form of government, our constitution and our flag. In fact I believe (based in part on prophetic warnings) that it is not a matter of if this will happen in our nation but when. Who will answer that call will be the measure of the true patriot. Not if he was conservative. Not if he was libertarian. Not if he was liberal. Nor any other belief. What will matter is if he answered the call. On that day we will be brothers all who answer the patriot call.

In our discussions on politics let’s remember that though we differ on many issues in the end there are patriots a plenty. Do not doubt my or anothers patriotism because we disagree on the issue. Do not doubt the compassion of another because he sees things from a different perspective. There will be differences to be sure but let us air those differences in a reasonable fashion. In the end for the most part we are patriots all.

Jim Farnworth/Writer

Who’s body will here rest?
Having given their all, done their best?
Will it only be those with whom you now agree?
Twas only them who fought to remain free?
I profess yes I do believe
Both sides will this tomb receive.
When tyrants mask reveals for all to see
Patriots fight that all remain free.
The mask may liberal or conservative appear.
The better to assuage our fear.
Step by step our freedom they will take.
But in the end make no mistake
Twill be those who fear not to raise their voice
Who fight for freedoms only choice.
Will it be you? Will it be me?
That dies to keep others free?
No man knows what is in your heart
Caring for others is the better part.
Side by side left and right
We must join together in that fight.
No matter who it is that heeds that call
Left or right they are patriots all.

About Jim Farnsworth

Conservative writer for TACD news.


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