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The Monday Morning Mocha

The Management Zone

A thought to ponder.  Recently in my life, there has been a new employee were I work, he is about 10 years younger than myself, he has that young man immature attitude to boot.   I think when you are younger, you don’t realize, that management is not there to be your mommy, they are not there to tell you to get along, they are there to fire your ass if you don’t get along.   This was a very costly lesson I learned some years ago when I had some of these issues as a younger man.  I was there to take over the world, and if you didn’t like that, then I would complain to management until they made you act how I thought you should, funny how it never worked out that way.  I complained until they fired my ass.  The management zone is not meant to be a friendly place with wide open arms, you go to work, do your job, and go home avoiding the manager’s office like the plague.  If you have issues with an employee, do yourself a favor, deal with it between the two of you, don’t let it go up stairs, it will never turn out good for either of you.  Work it out, talk to each other.  Sometimes it may be wise to wait till a later date to have your discussion, it will still be better than having a meeting with the boss in his/her office.  Whether or not you are the complainer, or complainee, your boss will notice a pattern after a while if you are constantly in the office for one reason or another. It can be prudent to seek the advice of a co-worker to find out how to get along with another, maybe they have had a similar complaint that they have dealt with, with this person.

Even though your boss may be very friendly and nice, don’t ever view the bosses office as a place to go whine about your everyday problems with others. Do yourself a favor, find a way to deal with it yourself.


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