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Why the hell should I be writing about another gang rape in India only a few short weeks after that last gang rape in Delhi that shook the world? I am disgusted and beyond outraged as most might be feeling after reading the latest headlines. A 29 year old woman was driven past her stop by a bus driver and then taken to an undisclosed location where she was raped by 7 men throughout the night.

“They threatened me with a sharp edged weapon and did wrong things with me,” the victim told CNN’s sister station, CNN-IBN. “They kept me confined all through the night and forced me to do what they want.” The woman told the authorities that when they were done with her in the morning she was dumped in her village.

Police arrested six suspects, including the bus driver, after the alleged Friday night attack in Gurdaspur district in Punjab. A manhunt for the other man was under way Sunday.

Also on Saturday, police arrested a 32-year-old man for allegedly raping and killing a 9-year-old girl two weeks ago in Ahmednagar district in western India, the Press Trust of India news agency reported. Her decomposed body was found on Friday.
Police officer Sunita Thakare said the suspect committed the crime seven months after his release from prison after serving nine years for raping and murdering a girl in 2003, PTI reported on Sunday.

After reading about these stories, the rage tends to sit and boil in your gut, but what can one person do sitting in front of a damn computer in California? I suppose I could board a plane to Northern India and sit in protest like thousands of other citizens are doing as I write this, but I would be putting my life in danger and taking a mother away from her children. So many women are already stripped from their children in this world and especially Northern India that going there is not the helping answer. So then we look at other options, donating money to charities that work in helping these women? At this time the government is pledging stricter laws in protection of women. Pledging????? How are they only pledging this now?

An article in CNN says, “The number of reported rapes in India — a country where a cultural stigma keeps many victims from reporting the crime — has increased drastically, from 2,487 in 1971 to 24,206 in 2011, according to official figures.” Most women in India have stories of sexual harassment and abuse on public transportation or on the streets, said Seema Sirohi, of the Indian Council on Global Relations.”

I am asking you as readers your thoughts and opinions on what can or should be done to aid in making a difference for the victims who have not yet been victimized? From the other side of the world it is difficult to have hoped that there is little we can do at all. I am so very saddened that humans can invoke such suffering on one another and yet still have some faith that we can always change if we want to.

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