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The Assault Weapons Ban

I have recently begun a crusade to rid America of assault rifles; this will not be an easy task, as many conservatives are enamored with their fancy killing machines.  In the case of Sandy Hook, if Adam Lanza, the coward who pulled the trigger, would not have had access to the ‘Bushmaster’ assault rifle he used, then he might not have been able to kill as many kids as he did.  With a hand gun, he may have only had 6 or 8 shots he could have gotten off before he needed to reload.  Conservatives are not willing to take the chance, that just one innocent life might have been saved at Sandy Hook by this mathematical certainty, that he would not have had the time to kill 26 people with a 6 shooter pistol.  Common sense dictates it just isn’t feasible.  This depends on his mother getting rid of her assault rifle, if there had already been a federal or state ban in place.  I assume she would not want to keep something in her house that could make her a felon.
In my fight against assault rifles, for some strange reason, the conservatives feel the need to present to me, every instance where a home invasion has been quilled by a gun toting home owner.  They misunderstand my intentions.  I do not feel that Americans should have their guns taken away all together.  Hunting rifles, with small capacity magazines, handguns, and shotguns, these are acceptable forms of weaponry for protection, and hunting.  It has been proven over and over by my conservative friends, that these guns are plenty enough protection, and that assault rifles simply aren’t needed.
The assault weapons ban, or as we call it ‘The Brady Bill’, is thought to have been a failure. Unfortunately, it is physically impossible to determine how many murders this ban prevented.  Could be in the 10s of thousands, could have been in the 100s.  We have no idea; there is no maybe yard stick to measure this.  An assault weapons ban will save lives no matter how you cut it, less killing machines means less killing, it’s just the way it is.
Please join me at BARN(Ban Assault Rifles Now).  We are going to attempt to lead this fight against assault rifles.  We can duplicate what we did after Columbine, which is……nothing, or we can do something to prevent this from happening again.


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