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History in the Making

As we close on the last year and send 2012 into the past so much of what we base our future on seems to be pieces from our past. We read books that teach us to live in the present and leave the past in the history books, but that’s just it, if it wasn’t for history we would not learn from the mistakes of man. We would be walking blindly into a future with unknown consequences. But how much have we really learned from our history books and the teachings of the bible? I would like to think that all the wars and blood shed had not been done in vain. So many men and women have died at the hands of our enemies for whatever cause yet have we stopped our actions of igniting continuous battle in their honor? We teach our children not to hit one another and that we keep our hands to ourselves but year after year, generation after generation we face wars and conflict that results in the unnecessary loss of precious life. Maybe we could go with the old saying that. “History repeats itself.” If that is the case is there hope for the human race? What would that mean to the believers and non-believers of Jesus or Lord Yeshua? If he came to us as the Messiah thousands of years ago when most were waiting for the King to arrive according to God then why was he not recognized and believed in? Did we as humans fear our own destiny? Are we going to not learn from our past mistakes and honor him as God promised? What makes any of us think that history would not repeat itself as it says to do and doubt his word when he arrives? I am not even a Christian nor religious what so ever and even I fear our own tendencies. We still to this day read the words that he spoke and are taught to love thy neighbor but why do we find it so hard to do the simple things the past has taught us enabling a more rewarding and peaceful future? I am consumed with the notion that until we really listen to our teachers, gurus and other leaders in our life, even our own intuition we fail at seeking the tranquility that is promised to us from the Devine.  We as humans have been blessed with the gift of a new day, our very own blank canvas. We as the artist in our life can paint what we want our present moment to be and that will create the future. We have the ability to be the Renoir in our life painting the masterpiece of our future.

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