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Growing Up​​​

Being a teenager is hard. It’s as simple as that. I would have to say being a teenager might be one of the harder things we go through in life. Many people may think I’m crazy because they just partied all of their high school years but if you were the type that stuck the nose to the book and still tried to maintain a social life then you know what I’m talking about.

I’m known by the people around me for being way too busy for my own good and that’s a fact. I have to balance having a job, a boyfriend, full time at the college, part time at the high school, writing for tacdnews, being an editor for the second best high school newspaper in the nation and also writing for it, I am a humane society volunteer, I’m currently writing a book… and the list goes on. The problem with being a teenager is that we have to make decisions. We have to pick our priorities and stick with them through thick and thin. Literally marry your priorities because when things get shaky so will your priorities if you aren’t absolutely set stone about sticking with them.

One of the biggest problems with teenagers is that they’re all battling hormonal adjustments and they are trying to cope with their new forming self and they are only beginning to understand what their body is doing and is capable of. When we start to get older it’s like every little thing sends emotions clear out of the roof. If we get upset or depressed, if we’re happy then we’re ecstatic, if we are angry we are furious. As if things don’t get any worse we simply are worn out from the everyday bullshit of high school and work and by the time we get home we don’t want to be asked how our day was or told to take out the trash. The only thing we want to do is be lazy for the first time all day or enjoy something we ACTUALLY enjoy doing. The problem with that is it literally sends our parents in an angry fit as they slam up the stairs and swing the door open while yelling about the attitude we are throwing. Even though we are overwhelmed pissing off the parents just makes things so much worse so don’t forget about helping out around the house a little every day.

High school and being a teenager is a hard time. We don’t understand our bodies, we lose friends like we lose our car keys, we begin to meet people we might date or even marry one day, and though high school can be fun… We battle every day to make our parents and the people around us proud. A lot of high school students become depressed because they let themselves become so stressed and overwhelmed that they just collapse under the weight of everything. Going back to my article last week about New Year’s resolutions make sure that you are making those your priorities and your goals for getting through even just the school year. Being a teenager is hard, I know because I am going through the same thing, but with some set stone priorities you may be helping yourself out.

Kaylee Radcliffe/Teen Writer


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